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Roger Avary sentenced to 12 months prison

Oscar-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Roger Avary, who shared writing duties with Tarantino on Pulp Fiction, has been sentenced to a year in prison after being judged to have caused the death of his passenger while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Avary, 44, who adapted and directed Bret Easton Ellis' The Rules Of Attraction and also wrote the scripts for Silent Hill and Beowulf, was said to be travelling at over 100mph in his Mercedes when he crashed into a telephone pole in Ventura County, California.

Avary pleaded guilty to gross vehicluar manslaughter, and will serve five years probation on top of his prison sentence.

Plenty of time to work on the Silent Hill sequel then.

What's your verdict? Is Avary a hack or a troubled genius? Let us know...