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Rodriguez acquires rights to Fire and Ice

After years coveting it, Robert Rodriguez has finally acquired the rights to ‘80s sword-and-scorcery animation Fire and Ice.

The plan is to turn the cool, rotoscoping original (directed by Ralph ‘animated Lord Of The Rings’ Bakshi and co-created by artist Frank Frazetta) into a live-action reboot.

As for the story, Fire and Ice is an age-old battle to control the elements of the Ice World. Naturally.

After evil lord Nekron send forth a wave of glaciers to start a war, he kidnaps Princess Teegra (Megan Fox, get that CV sent off) – and it’s up to the He-Man-like Larn to save the day.

For those unfamiliar, check out the cool trailer for the 1983 original below;

Having been a fan of Frazetta’s fantasty-based artwork most of his life, it’s clearly a labour of love for Rodriguez.

So who will play Larn? Will his adaptation use real sets or go all 300 ? And who will Danny Trejo play?

Let speculation commence below...