Rocksteady AMA brings Batman: Arkham Knight's villains to life

Rocksteady’s marketing manager Gaz Deaves recently took to Reddit for an Arkham Knight-themed AMA. And boy, was it a juicy one. As expected, the spotlight-illuminated villains of Gotham were at the forefront of the questions, with fan favourite Harley Quinn proving to be a hot topic. Deaves was quick to play down fears that The Joker’s former bae would be a background participant once again:

“... in Arkham Knight, we find Harley leading her own gang and pursuing her own objectives, and her choice of costume reflects how the events of the previous games have shaped her as a character. I think it’s important from a narrative standpoint to show how the characters are evolving and changing as a result of the choices they make, and the way they look is a great insight into their emotional state.”

The puzzle-minded trickster The Riddler will also make a return and Deaves reveals Mr Nigma is upping the ante for Rocksteady’s superhero swansong. “Riddler has an awesome storyline this time around. His desire to defeat Batman on an intellectual playing field means their conflicts are ALWAYS personal, and the dialogue team have been having a great time writing for him. Don’t want to spoil too much about his role!”

Batman: Arkham Asylum touches down on Xbox One and PS4 worldwide on 2 June.

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