Rockstar's new Wii game

Rockstar has announced it will be bringing its debut Xbox 360 title to the Wii this autumn.

"Ever since we released Table Tennis, fans have been asking us to create a Wii version," said Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games. "By bringing Table Tennis to the Wii and utilizing the motion-sensitive Wii Remote, a new audience can now experience a game that is beautifully designed and impossible to put down."

The use of a Wii-mote as a table tennis paddle is an obvious fit in our eyes,as long asRockstar can get the response time good enough - something that Wii Sports tennis sufferedfrom.

At least this is one application for the Wii-mote that Rockstar isn't going to get a media bashing for.

July 18, 2007