Rockstar reveals new PSP game

Rockstar Leeds has unveiled a new game for PSP called Beaterator, produced in association with renowned music producer Timbaland, and offering a professional-level music editing and tinkering suite for Sony's dinky handheld.

Based on Rockstar's own internet-based Beaterator music software that was first released on the web in 2005, the PSP version will also feature several rhythm games and challenges to test your beat-making skills. Timbaland has also provided original music and a built-in sound kit that'll only be available in the game.

For a taster, head over and have a play with the original Beaterator. We're expecting the PSP's edition to use a similar interface. It'll need slimming or shaping to fit on that widescreen LCD, but with Rockstar in charge there's little doubt Beaterator will be a must-have for both beatbox nuts and mixing newbies. Watch this webspace for more.

March 14, 2007

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