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Rockstar: "No comment" on GTA IV PC reports

Rockstar has said "no comment" in response to reports that a PC version of GTA IV will release toward the end of the year.

In January we reported that French retailers had been cited as the source for an October 2008 release for the sequel on PC, and yesterday German e-tailer City Disc had a PC version down for November.

City Disc has nowamended its listingto give an October 30, 2008 release, and translated accompanying text now apparently reads: "The release date for GTA 4 for PC has not yet been confirmed by the Publisher, Take 2. The release date is not guaranteed and is open to change."

(Thanks toEvo Gamerfor the tip off and the translation).

As we pointed out before, it took GTA III and its sequels around six to eight months to make the leap to the mouse and keyboard crowd, so a late 2008 release for GTA IV on PC would be in keeping with tradition. But it doesn't officially exist. Yet.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 30, 2008