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Rockstar: LA Noire will be about 30 hours long

LA Noire aims to blur the line between watching a movie and playing a game. For Rockstar, the story in LA Noire is the entire game - not the ability to shoot hookers or spend hundreds of hours online. Just how compelling will the story be? Well, apparently you'll have a good 30 hours to be the judge of that.

That comes directly from the horse's mouth, as Rockstar reportedly said during an interview at PAX East that the 23 main cases which make up the game's progression will take 25-30 hours to complete.

There are very few games these days that work specifically to have an experience single, offline players will enjoy. LA Noire hopes to bring that kind of intimate experience back to the forefront.

It is also a departure from previous Rockstar titles, because even though LA Noire still promises a lot of blood and sex, the player's point of view this time is on the right side of the law.

The biggest attention to the game, though, is in its highly sophisticated presentation. The development team created a technology called MotionScan, in which actors were motion-captured by a huge swath of 32 cameras, each taking in minute facial expressions and other details in an effort to make their virtual counterparts as realistic and humanlike as possible.

In other words, there's a lot of stuff built into LA Noire. In addition to the 25-30 hours of core gameplay and story, LA Noire is still an open-ended game at its heart, so the potential is there to spent several dozen hours before unraveling the entire plot.

[Source:PlayStation Lifestyle]

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Mar 15, 2011