Rocket League launches its new competitive season on all platforms today

(Image credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League's debut competitive season has already kicked off today, but challenges will be making their way to the game tomorrow on September 24.

The official Rocket League Twitter account announced that the first competitive season for the game had begun earlier today on September 23. In the same announcement, it was revealed that challenges would be arriving in the game very shortly, and they'll be going live tomorrow at 8 a.m. PDT (that's 11 a.m. ET, and 4 p.m. BST).

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Challenges aren't the only thing going live in Rocket League tomorrow. Competitive Tournaments will also be going live at the same time, and these are all launching in the game alongside Rocket League going free-to-play.

This is actually all part of an attempt by developer Psyonix to streamline Rocket League. As the developer announced earlier this month, Rocket Pass, Competitive Seasons, and Tournaments will now all begin and end at the same time, so now that a new Competitive Season has kicked off today, so too has a new Rocket Pass and Tournaments.

Announced earlier this year, Rocket League is making the transition to being totally free-to-play on all platforms tomorrow on September 24. This means anyone can pick it up on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch and all four platforms have cross-play enabled.

Rocket League also has cross-progression enabled, so that any rewards you earn on one platform automatically transfer to another platform. If you're getting your head around how to set this feature up on all platforms, head over to our Rocket League cross-progression guide for more.

If you're looking for some tips and tricks on how to get up to scratch with the competition in Rocket League as quickly as possible, check out our Rocket League competitive play guide.

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