Robert Pattinson chooses to accept Mission: Blacklist

Robert Pattinson will take a further step away from The Twilight Saga - in addition to his much-anticipated turn in Cronenberg’s upcoming Cosmopolis - by appearing in a film inspired by real-life efforts to capture Saddam Hussein.

Pattinson will star in Mission: Blacklist as interrogator Eric Maddox, who played a key role in bringing down the notorious Iraqi leader.

Helmed by director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire (2008’s award-winning Johnny Mad Dog ), and with a screenplay by Band Of Brothers scribe Erik Jendresen, producer Ross M. Dinerstein describes Mission: Blacklist as a gripping thriller.

“I have been inspired by Robert and Jean-Stéphane’s dedication to tell the story in the most authentic way possible,” Dinerstein said.

Seems like Pattinson is still hungry for blood…