Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House is on the cover of the new issue of Total Film

Total Film's Road House covers
(Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios/Total Film)

The covers of the upcoming issue of Total Film have been revealed, and they’re not pulling any punches. Ready to rumble are Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor, stars of the upcoming reimagining of '80s favourite, Road House, and the issue hits shelves on Friday, March 1, with subscribers receiving their copies shortly

In the original, Patrick Swayze starred as laidback bouncer Dalton, who’s brought in to clean up a Missouri bar. In the 2024 take, Elwood Dalton (Gyllenhaal) is a former UFC fighter who finds himself at a low ebb, before he’s offered money to protect a roadhouse in the Florida Keys, which comes under threat from sinister outside forces.

Conor McGregor - the MMA superstar making his acting debut here - enters the picture as Knox, the muscle who’s brought in by those sinister outside forces to help remove their Dalton problem. The film premieres around the globe on Prime Video on March 21.

In the cover story, Gyllenhaal, McGregor and their co-stars tell all about their fresh new take - from getting fighting fit to going toe-to-toe with a real MMA champ. The stunt and fight coordinators also explain how they pioneered a whole new kind of screen-fighting for the film. Plus, we get into what director Doug Liman brought to the project, and the reaction to his decision to boycott the premiere over the film’s release plans.

Look out for more Road House exclusives dropping soon. Elsewhere in the issue, another '80s favourite returns in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, and you’ll also find in-depth features on epic upcoming sci-fi shows Fallout and 3 Body Problem. Plus, Kristen Stewart, Katy O’Brian, and Rose Glass talk about their impossible-to-categorise thriller, Love Lies Building, and Jack O’Connell sits down for a major new career interview ahead of the release of Back to Black. There are also new looks at Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Abigail, Civil War, and loads more.

Check out the covers in full below:

Total Film's Road House covers

(Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios/Total Film)

Total Film's Road House covers

(Image credit: Amazon MGM Studios/Total Film)

Subscribers have the exclusive text-free cover on the way to them right now, with the issue then hitting shops and digital newsstands on Friday, March 1 (and yes, for a one-off it is out on a Friday, rather than a Thursday - blame the leap year).

Pre-order the issue here to bag your copy or click here to subscribe to Total Film and never miss another exclusive: you’ll get all this movie goodness throughout the year before it’s in shops, as well as having exclusive covers and saving money on the cover price. With our latest offer, you can save up to 35% - and to sweeten the deal, subscribers now get a brand new bonus too, with access to more than 10 years' worth of digital back issues as part of the subscription. That’s well over 100 issues you can explore and revisit, including our most recent Dune: Part Two issue. What are you waiting for?

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