New Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay takes the neck-stabbing down a notch

When Rise of the Tomb Raider was shown off at Gamescom 2015, we saw Lara do some pretty nasty things - things more in line with a serial killer like Jason Voorhees than an explorer of the ancient world. Thankfully, "mass murderer" need not be a title given to Ms. Croft yet, as a new gameplay demo shows the same area as the one shown on stage at Microsoft's press conference, but this time with a stealthy twist:

Don't get me wrong, I like my shooters and action games full of stabby-stabby kill-kill, but it was a little weird to me that Lara would go out of her way to kill so many people - especially considering she's no longer the desperate survivor she was in the 2013 reboot. Seeing her opt to spare enemies is the Lara Croft I prefer, so it's nice to see the game will offer that choice. If you want it.

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Sam Prell

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