Ridley Scott reveals Prometheus secrets to T3

Prometheus has landed, and by now, many of you will have experienced Ridley Scott's new vision of the future. So with all fear of spoilers out of the way, our pals over at T3 sat down with the man himself, alongside writer Damon Lindelof, to delve deeper into Weyland Corp's latest expedition.

"I'm a sick fucker," says Scott when asked about his predilection for sequences of body horror. "Once [ Shaw ] is pregnant, I have to see it, I have to see what that is. It’s extreme, galloping DNA, whatever that is that’s creating this monstrous thing growing inside of her.

"In 25 minutes she now looks eight months' pregnant – that’s inconceivable for us, because we don’t understand it. But I think it’s probably way up there somewhere, it’s entirely feasible. You’ve got to show it, you’ve got to do it."

Scott goes on to discuss his own ideas about the universe, and how that informed the story he wanted to tell with Prometheus .

"There’s two rules of thought," he says. "You’re either going to believe in the fact that we’re here by genetic luck entirely, so from day one where you have atomic storms – inconceivable storms that will go on in this nucleus, in which the dirt bowl will find some reason to start growth on everything."

"But then the idea that, 'Is there a higher force in the universe?' comes the question, 'Is it God, or are there superior beings out there?' You stand and look at the stars at night in the galaxy out there, it’s entirely ridiculous to believe that we are it. You mean this is it? We’re sitting in this room, I’ve got this fucking cappuccino, and up there there’s noone else? I don’t think so."

To check out the full interview, including Scott's take on 3D, fan rumours and the viral marketing campaign, head over to T3 now...

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