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Ridiculous-looking iPhone gun accessory is ridiculous

There have been light guns since the days of the NES, and gun-shaped controller accessories continue to be a staple for every game console. Since people are starting to call the iPhone a serious game device, why not?

It's called the App Gun, courtesy of a company called AppToyz. All you have to do is strap your iPhone into the little case at the end of the gun, and suddenly you can play all those arcade shooters without the annoyance of your fingers getting in the way.

Well, to clarify, all the arcade shooters that are specifically designed for this accessory.

Above: Careful with this thing, you might put someone's eye out. Or, at the very least, you'll be the most annoying person on the subway

When you pull the trigger, it causes a little rubber arm to tap the touchscreen for you. These arms are not movable; they can only hit the screen at the spot where they're stationed. The App Gun comes with a download for a special augmented reality game, which uses the iPhone's camera to make it look like you're gunning down enemies right in front of you.

So if you want the perfect example of an "I have it because they make it" iPhone accessory, the App Gun will be available for you sometime this summer for around $30.

[Source: Nerd Approved]

Jan 28, 2011

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