Rick and Morty season 5 already being teased as fans try to decipher redacted season 4 tweet

Rick and Morty season 5
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Rick and Morty season 4 writer Jeff Loveness has recently taken to Twitter to post images of his completed scripts for the upcoming season, as well as what looks like the opening episode of season 5. The episode titles are all scrubbed out – but that hasn't stopped the internet doing some serious detective work.

Loveness, who has writing credits on three episodes in season 4 and co-writer credit on another, said Friday, September 21 was his "last day at Rick and Morty" and shared pictures of himself, Mr. Poopy Butthole, and a dog, plus the tantalisingly redacted scripts.

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The Rick and Morty Reddit, though, has tried to uncover some of the secrets. One theory suggests Rick and Morty season 4's opening episode will have something to do with Taika Waititi's guest-starring Glootie character thanks to the "Gl" peeking out of the hastily-edited image.

Another user, miguelogin, has gone further, presenting a negative image of the scripts so we can glimpse the words in the pages behind the front cover. One – episode 8 – seems to be called "My Cancelled Vacation."

Then there's the indirect mention of Rick and Morty season 5. One script is marked "501" hinting that we might have eyes on the season 5 premiere. Production codes such as this tend to follow a logical order of seasons (408, for the eighth episode in season 4, for example), though it's not unheard of for episodes to be held back or moved forward, depending on what fits each season.

The best news, though, is that this is all ramping up the hype for both Rick and Morty season 4 and the show's future, despite a two-year hiatus. 

Season 4 is set for an as-yet-announced date in November, while co-creator Justin Roiland said at San Diego Comic-Con: " There was a lot of stuff that happened between [seasons 3 and 4] that will never have to happen anymore so we’re good to go [for future seasons]."

Season 5 in 2020, anyone?

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