"Respectfully looking, respectfully looking": Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart actor loses it as her real-life partner sleeps with her RPG nemesis

Baldur's Gate 3 Act 2
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The voice actor behind Baldur's Gate 3's Shadowheart is currently playing through the D&D RPG with her real-life partner. It's mostly been a wholesome affair, apart from when the shadow of Shadowheart's in-game nemesis Lae'zel looms – in those moments, it's dang hilarious.

To catch you up, an earlier highlight of one stream saw Shadowheart actor Jennifer English recoil in horror after her partner and Baldur's Gate 3 performance director Aliona Baranova floated the idea that she, just maybe, prefers Lae'zel to god's problematic fave. In fairness to Baranova, she has since called Lae'zel a "schoolgirl crush" she does not love more than Shadowheart. 

Now, though, things have turned up a few notches. The duo's latest stream sees Baranova trigger Lae'zel's romance scene, leading to a night of Baldur's Gate 3 shenanigans and the narrator setting the mood for the day by saying, "You awake in pain," if you want to know how that went.

Much like before, the highlight is the pair's reaction to the unfolding tomfoolery.

"This is so weird, we've seen [Lae'zel voice actor] Dev[ora Wilde] today. I feel uncomfortable," a giddy Baranova says, before adding "respectfully looking, respectfully looking" as things kick off.

"She's not a cuddler, is she?" an equally giddy English concludes after her partner's character, seemingly battered and bruised, picks themselves up for another day of adventuring.

If you'd like to see the moment yourself, it all kicks off around 35 minutes into the stream above. Just, uh, take note of who's around before you do, you know?

Thanks to a cocktail of D&D buffs, "5-ton Mega-Karlach" towers over Baldur's Gate 3 in a new peak for tall RPG women.

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