Respawns first game rumoured to be Xbox exclusive

The first game from Respawn Entertainment is rumoured be exclusive to Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s next-gen console. While the California-based studio has largely kept the project under wraps since it was founded in 2010 by two Call of Duty co-creators - one of whom has since departed - the new IP is a “sci-fi oriented shooter” set to be published by EA.

The game is rumoured to be called Titan and is in line for an appearance at E3 in June, but if the latest report concerning its target platforms is on the money, it may well be unveiled alongside Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox at a reveal event scheduled for May 21. One Kotaku source claims the game will be exclusive to the next-gen Xbox, while another says Respawn is also outsourcing development of an Xbox 360 version. While it’s possible that the title could be a timed exclusive that eventually launches on other platforms, neither source indicated that this was the case.

The new game is reportedly being made using a modified version of Valve's Source engine. It is said to be a multiplayer-centric shooter that probably won’t feature a single-player campaign. Players will allegedly choose to join one of two warring factions, both of which can pilot giant, agile mechs – Titans - that can be brought down by foot soldiers.

Kotaku’s sources also claim that Microsoft has been aggressively seeking to sign exclusive third party content for the next-gen Xbox. One says that the platform holder is as much as six months behind schedule in producing games for the console, and that Microsoft recently cancelled several internal projects that weren’t shaping up as planned. Respawn, EA and Microsoft have yet to offer comment on the report.

In February, CVG reported that EA is preparing to announce a key exclusivity agreement at Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox reveal event. Be sure to check out our Xbox 720 rumor round-up for a preview of potential news to come.