Resistance: Fall of Man 2 in production

Oct 15, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man 2 is being "tentatively" prepared for launch next November, relocating the World War II-era alien-bashing action to American locations like San Francisco and Chicago as the Chimera invasion hits US shores.

Sergeant Nathan Hale, star of the original game, will allegedly return - though not necessarilyin the leadingrole. Want more? Alright, multiplayer matches will now feature vehicles, including three brand new aircraft. Even better, there's a cliffhanger ending that sets up a third title in the series.

A sequel's hardly surprising given Insomniac's history-bending battler was one of PS3's better games at launch, though this infoburst certainly ain't official. No, it comes courtesy of our new favourite industry tipster, the memorably named Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars blog.You may it remember from such revelations such as LA Noire being too big for Xbox 360...