Resident Evils 4, 5 & 6 getting updated remasters on PS4 & Xbox One

Capcom's already stated that HD remasters were going to be a big part of its business and it's not letting up anytime soon with Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 all getting updated remasters on PS4 and Xbox One.

Here's the trailer showing the updated editions:

Presumably counting down in order of quality, the games will be releasing in reverse order with Resident Evil 6 arriving on March 29th for $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99. It'll also include every bit of DLC and all the costumes previously released.

After that Resident Evil 5 will arrive in Summer and Resident Evil 4 in Fall/Autumn. They'll cost the same amount (no details on any additional content there) and the info states that "physical disc versions will also be available in the Americas" suggesting it's download only for everyone else. And yes, it actually says 'the Americas"

If, somehow, you've missed out all on these games completely then you can always check out our reviews. Look, here they are:

Resident Evil 4 HD 4/5 - "Upscaled textures are about as exciting as this facelift gets. The survival horror shooter is still classic and worth playing, of course, but not as worth replaying as we’d hoped."

Resident Evil 5 4.5/5 - "Horror silliness disrupts the gameplay, like puzzles involving crests and chalices, and knee-high objects that neither Chris nor Sheva can step over. If you’ve made your peace with this kind of stuff, it won’t bother you. If you’re trying RE for the first time because of the cool-ass trailers and explodaganza screenshots, such bizarre restrictions could irritate enough to make you put the controller down and fire up a game that doesn’t insist on clutching dusty old ideas."

Resident Evil 6 3.5/5 - "The story is intense and ambitious, and the separate campaigns - and the way they interact - is an achievement. Even the changes to the gameplay are strong. When you do run into issues they’ll be related to half measures taken in other areas of the gameplay, proving that abandoning some tropes while clinging to others doesn’t always make for great sequels. It’s an interesting transformation, even if it’s not necessarily the prettiest one."

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