Resident Evil Village PS1 demake somehow makes things even creepier

Resident Evil Village review
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village demake shows what it would look like a PS1 era game, and the results are kinda horrifying.

A fan made trailer created by YouTuber Hoolopee (opens in new tab) shows what Resident Evil Village would have looked like if it was released back in the '90s on the PS1. Look at all these gloriously chunky polygons and low-resolution textures.

The highlight of this creepy remake is, rather unsurprisingly Lady Dimitrescu, who takes on an extra layer of horrifying thanks to the lack of facial animations in her character model. She just stares at you with those sickly yellow eyes as she delivers her lines and honestly, it’s more unnerving than anything modern graphics could muster.

There is a nice nod to the older Resident Evil games at the end of the trailer too, with the classic “You Died” message popping up after Lady Dimitrescu stabs Ethan with her huge claws. That’s followed by a little gag of low poly Lady D doing a dance, which is just as terrifying as the rest of the trailer.

We’ve seen our fair share of disturbing Resident Evil Village mods already. Last week we had the mod that turned baby Rose into Chris Redfield, and then a few days later we had the inevitable vice versa, with Chris Redfield as a giant man-baby. And of course there was the Resident Evil Village porn mod that cropped up last week too. 

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