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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City achievements and trophies guide

Skill... Or Luck?

25 Points/ Silver Trophy

Achieve a 10 kill streak in a Versus match.

To make this simple, start a private match with a friend and go to someplace up high, preferably. Somewhere that is out of reach of most enemies. Have your friend come over to your hiding place and kill him 10 times. This way you don’t have to worry about hunters and such ruining your kill streak.

So Hot Right Now

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill 103 enemies with incendiary rounds lifetime Points/ Trophy

Lupo has the Incendiary Rounds Ability, as does Dee-Jay on the opposite team in Versus. Purchase the ability early on for Lupo and use it often. A good spot to rack up the kills is during the infinite spawning of enemies that takes place during Mission Four: Gone Rogue, just after you do your thing with the Tyrant.

So Many Choices

30 Points/ Silver Trophy

Purchase all abilities for all character classes.

This will be an expensive achievement/trophy to get and will take some time. Each character has 5 abilities and each can be upgraded an additional 2 times. To upgrade each character fully, it will cost roughly 150k XP.

Stop Squirming

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

17 Hunters Killed lifetime Points/ Trophy

There are plenty of Hunters that you will come across during the story campaign. Many of which can be found during the middle sections of Mission Four: Going Rogue. The Hunters that you kill during versus modes also count towards this, so loading up a private match with a friend can help nab this quicker.


30 Points/ Silver Trophy

Complete all U.S.S. missions with an S Rank.

To get this, you will need to finish each of the 7 missions that meet or exceed the requirements at the end of each level. The requirements remain the same no matter which difficulty you are on, so playing through on casual to hit each target the easiest would be the quickest way to get this.

Supreme Survivors

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

In Survivors mode, have all 4 players on your team Survive the game.

In Versus, while playing Survivor mode, each person on your team needs to make it to the chopper when it comes in to land. It can get a bit tricky when opposing team members try to board as well, but killing them slows their respawn time, giving you and your team a better chance to board without interference. Much like the rest of the MP achievements/trophies, this is much easier if you start a private match with 4 other friends and arrange 1 full team to hop in the chopper.

The Loyalists

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Follow orders and defeat all liabilities.

During the last chapter, you will be given the choice of defending or hunting Leon. If you choose to go after him, and successfully complete the mission, you will get this.

These Will Do

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Purchase 5 weapons.

Simply purchase 5 weapons from the Character Selection screen and this will be yours. Most of the weapons are around the same prices, except the MOB Special which is three times as much as the rest of the weapons.

This Place Crawls

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

31 Parasites killed lifetime Points/ Trophy

Much like the “Clingy” achievement/trophy, during the Fourth Mission: Gone Rogue, you will enter an Umbrella Laboratory to extract a parasite from a Tyrant. While you are in the lab, there will be a few parasites kicking around that will latch onto zombies. Extract the parasite from the Tyrant and then go back up the stairs to the second floor. Now parasites and zombies will continually spawn when you reach each end. Simply kill them as they come and grab ammo as needed from the available depots located nearby.

Tongue Tied

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill a Licker that is grappling a Teammate.

There are many places that you will run into Lickers during the story campaign, but you can find some right near the start of Mission 5, as soon as you exit the chief’s office. There will be a bunch of Lickers that attack in the hallway giving you plenty to try and kill as they hook onto a teammate. Try to stay on the opposite side from the rest of your team and wait for one to get latched. When they do, just open fire on the licker to take it down and receive this.

Up Close and Personal

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill 5 players in one multiplayer game with CQC Kills.

To make this simple, start a private match with a friend and go to someplace up high, preferably. Somewhere that is out of reach of most enemies. Have your friend come over to your hiding place and kill him 5 times. While having a streak ruined doesn’t matter for this, it’s just a way to get it done faster.


20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Witness the beginning of the Raccoon City outbreak.

This is part of the story campaign and will be received from completing Mission One: Containment.

You Love to Hate my 98

50 Points/ Silver Trophy

Complete 98 Versus games

Just as the description says, play 98 complete games of any type of Versus mode. There’s no real easy way to get around this, so strap in for the long haul and try to enjoy the ride.