Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City achievements and trophies guide

Green Thumb

25 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Heal with 101 Green Herbs lifetime Points/ Trophy

Chances are good that you will use 101 green herbs throughout the campaign, but even if you don’t, using them during Versus modes will also count towards this.

Hat Trick

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

3 Tyrants Killed lifetime Points/ Trophy

You will come across at least three Tyrants during the single player campaign so by the end of story campaign you should get this. If not, you can find Tyrants in Mission 4 and in the later parts of Mission 5.

Like a Bee

20 Points/ Silver Trophy

Kill 10 enemy players in one Versus game with CQC.

This can be done rather easily with a friend and setting up a private match. If you want to do it the old fashioned way and do it during a real match, make sure to use the quick kill attack of using melee and then pressing A/X immediately afterwards for a one hit kill.

Like a Butterfly

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill 100 zombies with CQC lifetime Points/ Trophy

During Mission 4: Gone Rogue, there will be a section that you come to that has continually respawning enemies, just past the extraction of the parasite from the Tyrant. Continually do CQC attacks here by pressing B/Circle and A/X immediately afterward to do one hit kills. This will pop in no time considering the amount of enemies that come out to play.

Look What I Can Do

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Purchase all abilities for one character class.

Simply purchase all 5 of the abilities for one character. You do not need to upgrade them, just purchasing them all with accomplish this.

Mr. Death

Platinum Trophy PS3 Only

Get All Trophies.

All the Playstation 3 players out there know about this one.

No Sample For You

30 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Force 25 enemies to drop G-Virus Samples in Biohazard lifetime Points/ Trophy.

During a round of Biohazard in Versus, cap the runner who is in possession of the G-Virus sample 25 times. While you could do this over the course of many many games, it is much simpler to start a private match with a friend and just have them grab it and then kill them immediately and repeat.

Now That's G

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Collect 3 G-Virus Samples in one Biohazard match.

Again, this can be done in Biohazard Versus mode on a public server and a private match. Having it down on a private match with a friend, you can just grab the virus and return it to your base 3 times without any needless interruptions.

On A Roll

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Achieve a 5 kill streak in a Versus match.

To make this simple, start a private match with a friend and go to someplace up high, preferably. Somewhere that is out of reach of most enemies. Have your friend come over to your hiding place and kill him five times. This way you don’t have to worry about hunters and such ruining your kill streak.

One Trick Pony

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Purchase an ability.

Simply purchase one of the five abilities for any character. Easy as pie.

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