Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City achievements and trophies guide

Operation: Raccoon City is a whole different kind of Resident Evil and with it comes a whole new batch of game types for you to get your achievements and trophies. There are many that can be gained through both the multiplayer versus mode and through the story mode, but the versus can be a tad more difficult to get if you don’t have friends to help you out. For the majority of the versus ones, you can just create private matches and go to town with a friend to get them. For the rest, take that friend or friends to story mode co-op so that you have less A.I. teammates holding you back from picking up the rest.

A Gun by Any Other Name

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill an enemy with each weapon type including special weapons.

The gun types that you’ll need to kill enemies with are Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Light Machine gun. These can be bought as well as found from the Spec-ops enemies throughout the campaign. The two special weapons are the Grenade Launcher and the Flamethrower. Each can be found throughout the campaign in certain special weapon cases. Among other places the two weapons can be found, the flamethrower can be found in a case atop the walkway, directly above and to the right from where you enter the very first room. The grenade launcher can be found in the very last room of the game while fighting against the “boss.”

A Hero Spared!

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Attempt "The Rescue" and survive.

During the last chapter, you will be given the choice of defending or hunting Leon. If you choose Defend and successfully complete the mission, you will get this.

Baker's Dozen

30 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill 13 zombified teammates.

During the campaign, companions can get infected and will have a purple biohazard symbol appear beside their name. When their health depletes, they will turn into a zombie. When you see the symbol appear, wait for the transformation to happen and then take the newly zombified person down. Do it 12 more times and this will be all yours.


20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Complete the fifth mission of the USS campaign.

This is part of the single player campaign and will be received from completing Mission Four: Gone Rogue.

Bloody Good Time

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill 5 enemies by causing Blood Frenzy in a single campaign game or multiplayer match.

When you shoot a Spec Op soldier, you will sometimes cause them to bleed by shooting them with non-lethal shots, preferably to the legs or arms- anywhere but head and chest shots. When you do, there is a good chance they will start to bleed out and attract zombies. When they do, you will see a red mist appear off them and the zombies will go directly after them. Do that five times and this will be yours. You can only do it in places where there are Spec Ops and zombies together, so Mission Two and Mission 4 are good places.

By Trail Of Dead

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

50 Versus opponents killed lifetime

When playing versus mode against online real players, take down 50 of them over time, and this is your reward. Just keep playing versus mode and unless you are completely terrible at shooting, you will get this. If you feel like taking the easy way, you can load a private match will friends and kill them 50 times to get it.

Chaos Averted

5 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill an infected teammate with a headshot before they become a zombie in any mode.

When a teammate gets infected, purple biohazard symbol will appear beside their name. When you see this above a companion, simply shoot them in the head to kill them before they turn into a zombie. No worries though, even without their head you can revive them immediately, because that makes total sense.

Choices Aplenty

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Purchase 15 weapons.

Simply purchase 15 weapons through the character selection screen before each round or mission starts. Weapons bought will also transfer over to other characters.


10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

13 Parasite Zombies killed lifetime Points/ Trophy

During the Fourth Mission: Gone Rogue, you will enter an Umbrella Laboratory to extract a parasite from a Tyrant. While you are in the lab, there will be a few parasites kicking around that will latch onto zombies. Extract the parasite from the Tyrant and then go back up the stairs to the second floor. Now parasites and zombies will continually spawn when you reach each end as you near them. Simply kill them as they come and grab ammo as needed from the available depots located nearby.


20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Complete the second mission of the USS campaign.

This is part of the single player campaign and will be received from completing Mission Two: Corruption.

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