Resident Evil: Extinction and Beowulf

Attendees at the Resident Evil: Extinction panel at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend were treated to some footage, the site of a very pregnant Milla Jovovich and also this new trailer, which fills in a few more details of what we can expect to see in the final movie.

The Extinction story follows Jovovich’s Alice tracking a convoy trying to escape the infected en route to Alaska. When they make a pit stop in Nevada, she realises that they’re in real trouble. And the convoy of humans aren’t the only people she needs to deal with – there is also the evil Umbrella Corporation tracking her every move…

Full of Jovovich kicking butt, ravenous infected crows and lots of flesh-nibbling zomboids, you can find the trailer here

And while the trailer for Beowulf arrived online the same day as its own Comic Con preview footage screening, the new, slightly raunchier international version has now arrived.

You know what to expect – more of Angelina Jolie covered only with strategically placed water and more violence. Hack on over here .

source:( Sony Pictures ) ( Apple )

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