Resident Evil 4 Remake's Golden Eggs are lethal to bosses

Resident Evil 4 deface ramon
(Image credit: Capcom)

A Resident Evil 4 remake player has discovered Golden Eggs can kill Ramon Salazar in just two hits.

Over the past weekend, streamer Larxa was tackling Resident Evil 4 on Hardcore difficulty for one of her subsequent playthroughs of Capcom's horror remake. The streamer just happened to lob a rare Golden Egg at Salazar in his boss fight, accidentally revealing that you can kill the boss in two hits with a Golden Egg.

Infinite Rocket Launcher, eat your heart out. Salazar hangs around just in front of Leon at the beginning of his boss encounter, and it's here that Larxa seizes the opportunity to throw a Golden Egg straight into the gaping maw of the boss before he gets properly airborne.

It's a wise move. Trying to hit Salazar with a grenade while he's airborne for an Achievement/Trophy is hard enough - imagine trying to nail him with a precious egg while he's floating around. This trick should make Salazar a lot more manageable for you going forward.

This tip is incredibly handy because, as hard as Golden Eggs are to find in Resident Evil 4 remake, Salazar is undoubtedly one of the hardest bosses in the game. Salazar's boss encounter is changed pretty significantly from the original Resident Evil 4, and he's made a lot harder as a result.

Last week, Resident Evil 4 remake's hot new trend unveiled itself: redrawing Ashley Graham as a tiny mouse. After just one weird reimagining of the character, the trend has really take off among artists around the world, and there's been some equally weird and wonderful creations as a result.

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