Resident Evil 4 remake's hot new trend is imagining Ashley as a tiny little mouse

Resident Evil 4 Remake
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 4 remake's Ashley Graham has developed a huge fan art following - as a mouse.

Yeah, we don't really get it either. The trend appears to have originated with the post just below, last week, where one talented artist reimagined Ashley Graham, daughter of the President of the United States, as a tiny mouse, for some ungodly reason.

The whole thing rapidly spiralled out of control, to the point where other artists, such as the one below, picked up their tools and hopped on the trend. Although, we do have to admit, the concept of picking up Ashley and hiding her in a drawer until it's safe to come out is really funny.

Now though, there's sort of lore (?) to this whole business. What if Ashley Graham somehow inherited Remy's skills from Ratatouille, piloting Leon around with two strands of his hair? Resident Evil 4 remake would be over really damn quickly, that's what would happen.

It took less than four days for someone to put together a whole animation surrounding mouse Ashley. The bizarre creation just below highlights what'd happen if the Plaga laid ingenious traps for mouse Ashley, baiting her into a literal mouse trap with the promise of delicious cheese. 

None of these scenarios apparently end well for Leon, which is sort of the running theme of Resident Evil 4 remake, now that we think about it. The poor boy is always running headlong into firefights and other deadly scenarios, but then again, Ashley Graham doesn't exactly have a good time of it either in the hands of Saddler.

Earlier this week, Capcom announced Resident Evil 4 remake had sold through three million copies worldwide in just two days. This huge number puts it well ahead of where Resident Evil 2 and 3 remake were after a week, meaning Capcom's latest horror remake could be its biggest hit yet.

Here's why the newly-discovered Resident Evil 4 Remake bell skip isn't just a workaround, it's a peace offering to long-suffering players.

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