Resident Evil 4 Remake bug stops players from progressing entirely

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Resident Evil 4 Remake has a "critical progress bug," but Capcom is working on a fix.

Earlier today, on March 31, Capcom announced it discovered a serious bug in Resident Evil 4 Remake that would completely block progress for players. The glitch originates from the beginning of Chapter 12 when the player receives a critical item, but this can stop players from progressing in the horror remake.

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To avoid the bug, players must wait until after the notification for acquiring the item appears in the top right corner of the screen and not use their knife before this. Using the knife before the notification appears on the screen can effectively render the item null and void, blocking players from progressing.

This is one weird progression bug in Resident Evil 4 Remake, but it's not entirely impossible to avoid. Capcom recommends reloading save data from before Chapter 12 if the bug happens to you, so we hope you stored some earlier save game data if this does occur. We don't know when the next patch from Capcom is coming, but hopefully, it includes a fix for this error.

Earlier this week, Resident Evil 4 remake players discovered a way to skip the Village Chief boss fight. If you don't feel like fighting Mendez again on your new game plus playthrough, you can run through his boss fight location by just reloading a previous autosave. Here's hoping this never breaks your playthrough like the bug.

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