Report from the London Film and Comic Con

We’ve been waffling about it for ages so it can’t have passed you by. The London Film and Comic Con ran for two days (1 and 2 September) at Earls Court, featuring a number of high profile guests signing autographs, and scores of dealers.

Above: the SFX stand, in the gloom of Earls Court One. Meet Dave G, Simon, Helen, Leah, Nick and Jack Sparrow.

And SFX, of course. Thanks to all those who came along and said hello to the team, and thanks to all those who signed up to become subscribers. Those who joined us over the weekend got themselves a great SFX offer as well as a goody bag (quick thanks to all the companies involved, including TOPPS who supplied our t-shirts, for helping us with gifts).

Above: either Darth Vader, the Doctor and Davy Jones, or three very eager fans in costume. You decide.

The stand itself was a fun place to be. We had the Ford Anglia from Harry Potter on our stand, as well as a life-size model of Captain Jack Sparrow, which will no doubt appear in many photographs… as will the excellent looky-likey who was wondering around in full costume. Check out some of the other costumed folk in the pics on this page.

Above: Adrian, Nick and Dave B with classic Doctor Who companion Sarah Sutton.

On Saturday we were joined by the wonderful
Sarah "Nyssa" Sutton who signed autographs and chatted with fans. Artist Martin Firrell and his charming assistants were also with us to promote the Hero project (make sure you visit the website and contribute your voice). On Sunday the SFX stand had a visit from Neill Gorton, prop and costume designer from Millennium FX who was doing free autograph signings and showing off his Cybermen and Ood work - replicas now available to buy.

Above: Martin Firrell (next to Ade) and his helpers, promoting the Hero project which stars Nathan Fillion.

We were promoting the latest Heroes special on our stand, but due to popular demand we shifted hundreds of them in a few hours and were all out by the time the Heroes cast arrived on the Sunday, which just goes to show how popular the show has become since it started airing on BBC2. The show was much busier than in previous years and we saw people sprinting through the centre to get to the queuing area. Tens of thousands of people attended the event over the weekend, doubtless drawn by signings with Hayden, Milo, Adrian and Jack – also Patrick Stewart attended, as did Dominic Monaghan and many others. Danny Dyer and Gareth David-Lloyd also took time out from their signings to chat with us. Big shout out to the folk from Brodie’s Law and City of Thamesis . Leah was also on the costume judging panel, which saw many great entries.

Above: Neill Gorton (with Nick) displaying his cybermen helmets.

Also, a big thanks to all the organisers – Jason and the Showmasters team, and all the friendly crew and helpers who made the event go so smoothly.

Above: the Ford Anglia from Harry Potter, and two little wizards.

It was great to meet up with so many SFX readers who took the time to swing by the stand to say hi, including authors Robert Rankin and David Devereux, and the folk from the Firefly Store , as well as a few forum users and many others besides. On Saturday night we managed to get about 16 people out for a few beers. Were you one of them? If so, write and tell us that you survived. If not, make sure you're at the next event for more offers, gifts, goodies, celeb signings, and the chance to meet the SFX gang in person.

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