Reminder: Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards NOW!

The 26th Annual Golden Joysticks are almost upon us. And, if you’ve still not voted for your favourite games, publisher and developer yet, now is the time. Like,right now. There's already been well over half-a-million votes, so if you don't have your say by 27 October when voting closes, well, you're just going to feel a bit silly.

Not only do you get the chance to reward your favourite game the gongs you think they deserve, but Virgin Media – who are sponsoring the event – are still generously giving away a well furnished shed-load of great goodies to convince you to get clicking.

And the quicker you click the better, as Virgin Media have set up a special time trial – involving five web surfing tasks – with the quickest time winning a dream gaming rig of a Cyberpower Gamer ininfty xtreme XI, Samsung LCD monitor and KB mouse, worth £3400! Visit for a chance at winning this time trial and the preposterously powerful PC.

Prizes are available for simply registering your votes for the Joysticks too. And you can still win an ace array of stuff; from N96 handsets, Blu-ray DVD’s and mag subscriptions. Simply visit, with every 10,000th vote winning one of the great gadgets above.