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Reminder: Total Films Online News, Interviews And Features Are Moving

By now there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the big changes afoot at and . In case you haven’t here’s the headline news: we’re moving to the rather excellent from the middle of November.

In fact, some of SFX 's TV reviews are already live on GamesRadar right now! Why don’t you take a gander at their latest Doctor Who review to see what the future of SFX online looks like? is a site that we’re immensely proud of. But the internet is evolving a lot faster than our creaky old platform could keep up with, and we believe that GamesRadar will offer a much nicer reading experience for you lot. GamesRadar ’s nifty, scalable mobile site will make visiting TF on your phone or tablet better than ever.

The rest of our mighty content will benefit from the move to GamesRadar too. Daily news and irreverent, informative features have been the cornerstones of , and that won’t change when we take up residence in GamesRadar ’s TV and Film channel. But our gallery features will look amazing on the new platform, and they work much better across a range of devices. Plus by combining forces with SFX you can expect loads more content to go up throughout the week.

We realise it’s going to take some getting used to, but aside from a slightly different URL and a new look not a whole lot is actually changing. We really hope you’ll join us, and please do let us have your feedback.

PS. Total Film and SFX print and digital magazines remain completely unaffected by the changes online. Look out for Total Film 226 (a massive Middle-earth special) and SFX 254 , in shops and on your iPad now!

The Total Film team are made up of the finest minds in all of film journalism. They are: Editor Jane Crowther, Deputy Editor Matt Maytum, Reviews Ed Matthew Leyland, New Editor Jordan Farley, and Online Editor Jack Shepherd. Expect exclusive news, reviews, features, and more from the team behind the smarter movie magazine.