Remember Xbox's original, giant controller? It's officially coming back for Xbox One

Did you feel that quiver? As if the Earth's gravity was briefly rivalled by some massive object just beyond the horizon? No need to fear. It's only confirmation of a new Xbox One controller (opens in new tab), or in this case a fairly old one: the original Xbox's massive controller is coming back. The Duke (as it was affectionately and unofficially dubbed) will return to modernity, thanks to the efforts of original Xbox cofounder Seamus Blackley and video game peripherals manufacturer Hyperkin. 

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The design process for the original Xbox controller went through some idiosyncratic revisions (opens in new tab) before Microsoft settled on the Duke. It was a big controller for a big console, but many players found it to be a bit much.  Within a few years, the slimmed down Xbox Controller S took its place as the default input method for Xbox. The standard controllers for Xbox 360 and then Xbox One took similar paths. I wonder what the Xbox One controller would look like in an alternate universe where Microsoft had never parted ways with the Duke…

Back to our current universe, the controller's design will be modernized a bit. Blackley didn't specify how, but to play modern Xbox One games it'll need at least a pair of bumpers in addition to its triggers. 

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Unless the bumper functions are re-bound to the black and white buttons…? Oh man, just looking at the placement of those buttons is making my thumbs sore. But hey, some people really dig the design! I'm not gonna harsh their buzz. In any case, it sounds like pre-orders for the new old controllers will begin soon. Here's hoping they're out in time for the holidays

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