Relive your favorite PC gaming moments with Steam Replay 2022

Steam Replay 2022
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Steam's all-new Year in Review feature, Steam Replay, is now live.

Much like Sony's annual PlayStation Wrap-Up summary that lets you relive all of your gaming moments from this year, Steam Replay gives you a breakdown of the PC games that have kept your interest this year, including the game that's dominated your playtime.

Steam Replay 2022 includes all of your playtime between "the first second of January 1 and the last second of December 14 (GMT)". You can see the types of games you've played, and your preferred genre, as well as get a breakdown of how many friends, badges, gifts, awards, reviews, posts, and other contributions you've made over the last 12 months.

It does not include the time you've played offline, nor time spent running tools or "other types of non-game software".

There is, however, a chance to buff your bragging rights courtesy of the How Your Compare feature, which pits you against the rest of Steam's Community to detail how many achievements you've unlocked - the average is 21 - the number of games you've played - the average for that is 5 - and your longest streak, which may or may not beat the community's average of 9 consecutive days.

To see how you stack up, just log into Steam and hit "New & Noteworthy" at the top of the page - you'll find Steam Replay 2022 in the drop-down menu.

Last month, Steam smashed its own record of the highest number of concurrent players recorded online not once, but twice.

One Sunday morning in late November, SteamDB recorded 31,379,760 simultaneous users, but later that same evening, this had crept up even further, hitting a staggering 31,906,400 concurrent players.

Steam itself - which usually offers different figures - says that the record now sits at 31,953,262. Perhaps more impressively still, not all of those players were idle or AFK at the time; SteamDB reckons 9.4 million people were actively in-game or using the client software at the time the record was set.

Steam's records are usually broken at times when lots of us are off work or stuck at home, so it makes sense that over the extended Thanksgiving weekend, more people were online playing games than usual - either because they're enjoying the free time... or are escaping their families. So far, though, there's been no record use over the 2022 festive period, so November's record remains intact. 

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