Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (June 17-23)

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a kart racing blast from PlayStation's past 

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a return to one of the most beloved kart racers that doesn't have a Nintendo character's name in the title, remastering the PS1 original from 1999 with some gorgeous visuals and tons of new features. As in Mario Kart, getting the gold requires a deep understanding of the drift mechanics, smart use of the many madcap items, and a speedy route through the brightly colored tracks. You can race for the best times in local or online multiplayer, explore Adventure Mode, and trick out your riders with a bevy of customization items (sans any microtransactions, thank goodness). Just like Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Crash and the gang are adventuring beyond their usual PlayStation turf to see what life is like on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well. Lucas Sullivan

What: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Where: PS4, Xbox One, Switch
When: June 21 

Toy Story 4 is a worthy sequel (and hopefully won't make us cry our eyes out like we did in Toy Story 3) 

The toys are back in town once again for Toy Story 4, Pixar's upcoming sequel that reunites us with Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and a host of new friends (including a stunt cyclist action figure voiced by Keanu Reeves and a pair of carnival toys played by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele channeling their classic valet duo). "All the way back in 2010, Pixar announced there might be opportunities to return to the beloved characters in the future, but only when the time, and story, is right. This is that time, that story," reads our review. "While Toy Story 4 doesn’t quite hit the dizzying highs of the trilogy, it has been lovingly fashioned to offer a tale that is at once separate and a continuation - a canny mix of fresh and familiar." Lucas Sullivan

What: Toys Story 4
Where: In theaters
When: June 21 

Judgment early access invites you to Yakuza's weird and wonderful world 

By now, at least a few people have probably told you to drop whatever it is you're playing right now and finally give Yakuza a try. You have to see how the series balances pulse-pounding action, oddball humor, and gripping melodrama inside an enchantingly fictionalized version of Tokyo's Kabukicho district. But with no less than seven lengthy games in the main Yakuza series alone - some of which are easy to play on PS4, some of which aren't - I get that you may not have the time or energy to pick up all that baggage. Enter Judgment, a new game that shares Yakuza's world but follows a new cast of characters. It's even about fighting on the right side of the law, if the organized crime parts of Yakuza turned you off. Pick up Judgment's digital version and you can start playing four days early on Friday, which gives you the whole weekend to get lunch and play darts in Kamurocho. Connor Sheridan

What: Judgment early access
Where: PS4
When: June 21 

Vacation Simulator can be your fun-filled getaway to some not-quite-right retreats 

Why burn your skin in the real-world summer sun when you could stay inside and visit scenic, robot-run getaways in Vacation Simulator? This humorous virtual reality experience from Owlchemy Labs is a hit on PC, and now's it coming to PlayStation VR with the same three biomes: a tropical beach, a serene forest, and a wintery mountain. Of course, it's all been constructed by computers with a loose understanding of human wants and needs, which usually ends up in some truly misguided (and hilarious) vacation plans. Lucas Sullivan

What: Vacation Simulator
Where: PS VR (out now on PC)
When: June 18 

Child's Play reboot gives us a killer kid robot fit for a Black Mirror episode 

Classic B-movie slasher Child's Play is being rebooted for our modern times: in place of the original possessed doll Chucky, a family is terrorized by a child-sized robot named Buddi who's taken control of a smart home. Few things are scarier than a knife-wielding doll connected to the internet of things, with Buddi manipulating the house to create some grisly executions, prompting a group of kids to fight back. Fun fact: Buddi the murderous robot doll is voiced by none other than Mark Hamill. Just think - Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 9 moonlights as a deranged doll that brutally murders people. What a world! Lucas Sullivan

What: Child's Play
Where: In theaters
When: June 21 

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