Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (July 6 - 12)

(Image credit: Netflix)

1.  Catherine: Full Body comes to Switch 

Catherine may be Atlus' most-ported game at this point. With the Switch release of Catherine: Full Body (opens in new tab), this rom-com puzzle-platforming social sim is now available on six platforms. Not that we're complaining; despite some diversity and difficulty issues, there's a reason Catherine keeps getting new ports, particularly the Full Body version. On top of all available DLC, this version adds a third woman to the mix, a heaping helping of extra dialogue and scenes, as well as highly requested accessibility features like more elaborate difficulty settings. There's still nothing quite like Catherine, and if you have even a passing interest in any of the elements it eccentrically blends together - especially puzzles, because it's surprisingly heavy on those - it's still worth a look even after all these years. 

What: Catherine: Full Body
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: July 7 

2. Get behind the driver's seat in F1 2020 

Like pretty much every other major event this year, the Formula 1 racing season has been heavily delayed by the continued spread of coronavirus across the globe. Thankfully, Codemasters latest officially licensed instalment in its annual racing sim series is here to soften the blow, offering an authentic alternative to the real thing with its patented focus on realism and laser-focused gameplay. With their punitive rules and laser-tight controls, the F1 games have never been for everyone, but fans of the series will no doubt clock up hundreds of hours behind the wheel (virtual or indeed physical) for the final title on this generation of consoles before it presumably makes the jump to PS5 (opens in new tab) and Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) next year. 

What: F1 2020
Where: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia
When: July 10

3. Superliminal brings forced perspective puzzling to consoles

Following a well received launch on PC, Pillow Castle's portal-inspired puzzle game Superliminal (opens in new tab) is finally landing on consoles this week, including the Nintendo Switch. It's hard to describe the core concept of the game, and best conveyed if you just see it for yourself in the trailer above but, in essence, Superliminal is all about perspective, and how you can manipulate that to navigate seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Written with dry charm and brought to life with a brilliantly coy narrator, it's an easy recommendation for those who like their brain teasers delivered with interactive panache and subtextual gumption. 

What: Superliminal
Where: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
When: July 7

4. The Old Guard is part of a new wave of smaller comic book adaptations you really should be watching

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that DC and Marvel aren’t the only shows in town. With the likes of The Boys (opens in new tab) and Locke and Key (opens in new tab) bounding into our watchlists, it’s clear that there is an embarrassment of riches hiding in the panels and pages of some cult comic books. The Old Guard (opens in new tab) is yet another.

Based on an Image Comics miniseries, Charlize Theron plays Andy, the leader of a group of immortal soldiers who have been secretly protecting the world for centuries. When their identities and powers are uncovered, it falls on Andy and newcomer Nile to save the day. Pretty standard fare, sure, but an instantly intriguing premise and what promises to be a killer performance from Theron suggests The Old Guard is another set to successfully make the leap from comics to the small screen.

What: The Old Guard
Where: Netflix
When: July 10

5. Palm Springs is if Groundhog Day took place in SoCal

You can't go wrong with an Andy Samberg-led movie produced by his fellow Lonely Island members, but an Andy Samberg/Cristin Milioti film that riffs off the Groundhog Day formula? I'm sold before the trailer even begins. And when the trailer begins with the opening notes of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" I'm whipped into a frenzy of excitement. Palm Springs is going to be good.

The Sundance darling centers around super-chill dude Nyles and the unwilling maid of honor Sarah meet at a Palm Springs wedding, the last thing they expect is to wake up the next morning and start the previous day all over again. How will they escape this wedding? Each other? Themselves? With Samberg doing his best loveable goofball and Milioti proving once again she can steal scenes, Palm Springs looks like a wacky, hilarious, and touching film that will bring some necessary joy to your life.

What: Palm Springs
Where: Hulu
When: July 10

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