Redfall subreddit mods were surprised that Redfall isn't an Elder Scrolls 6 game

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With Redfall being revealed as a vampire title from Arkane, those Elder Scrolls 6 title rumors have been shot down.

During E3 2021, the final reveal from Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase was Redfall, a new IP from Arkane. The game finds a group of young 'uns running around slaying vampires in the dead of night, and the cinematic trailer really sets the tone for what seems like a fast-paced and spookily entertaining story. But Redfall was once thought to be the name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6, which has found the Redfall subreddit find itself in an existential crisis.

The Redfall subreddit was created in 2018, around the time Elder Scrolls 6 was officially revealed and was named following a leak that seemed to be a mixture of Bethesda's Redguard's and Hammerfell. There was good reason to think that as well, as we covered when Zenimax and Bookbreeze had settled a dispute over the name Redfell, suggesting it was the name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls. 

Since the official game's reveal, the Redfall subreddit is now "in talks on how to proceed" as the last few years have seen it dedicated to everything Elder Scrolls 6 related. It looks as if the subreddit will be updated to reflect Arkane's new game, although everyone there for news about the swords and dragons news will likely be moving to another subreddit.

It seems as if subreddit activity increased following the reveal of Redfall as many posts have appeared poking fun at the incorrect details and overall focus on Elder Scrolls. There's even a poll from 5 months ago that locks in how confident the users were that the next Elder Scrolls game was called Redfall, pitting the name against a humourous 'Bravil Scrolls 4: Bravil'.

Arkane was rumored to be working on an at-the-time-unannounced project Omen, but now we know its official name is Redfall and will be launching in 2022. It seems as if the game will allow you to play it alone, but there is a 4-player co-op mode that will let you team up to take on the bloodsuckers who have taken over the titular town. For now, the official name for Elder Scrolls 6 remains unknown. Perhaps it might even up end being Elder Scrolls 6: Omen?

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