Reddit user claims they received an Xbox One X rather than an Xbox Series X

Xbox one x
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The release of the Xbox Series X is right around the corner, but some customers aren't getting their order through quite right. 

A Reddit user made a post on the official Xbox Series X subreddit to tell her fellow gamers that she mistakenly received a current-gen Xbox One X rather than the next-gen console. How could this have happened? Well, look at the names. It can be seen quite easily how a manufacturer might have made a mistake with that one word of difference between the two consoles.

According to the Reddit user, she "triple checked" the order and confirmed that it was indeed for the Series X and not the One X. She also stated that they ordered the console in Australia through the company Telstra. Australians have been receiving their Xbox Series X pre-orders for the past few days, including the bungled One X delivery. 

The customer in question was told that she would have to return the Xbox One X and order the Series X once again, providing something of a setback on the journey to getting that shiny new console. Other Australian gamers have been receiving their consoles without incident. 

The Xbox One generation is the current console out of the Xbox family, meaning it's soon to be a step behind when its successor officially rolls out in a matter of hours. The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are both set to be officially released tomorrow on November 10, when hopefully other pre-orders will be fulfilled with the proper console. 

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