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Red Faction Cheats

Red Faction FAQs

  • FAQ

    Submitted by James Paterson

Red Faction Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Nathan

    Best Strategy

    Hello and welcome to the world of redalert2 the best game ever. I will tell you how to be the best redalert2 player in the world, All you have to is follow these battle strategies. If you play a skirmish deploy your mobile construction vehicle build a power plant, then build your barracks, when you have built your barracks construct an ore refinery, now build a war factory, then an air force command center a power plant again then a battle lab after the battle lab take over the enemy's main construction if it is a different type of base. When this is accomplished take the base back to your base just by clicking on it an pointing somewhere, I suggest that you point it to your base before it gets destroyed. When it gets to your base deploy it like you did the base you started out with. Build 5 apocalypse tanks when you get the opportunity then build ten prism tanks. Now you are ready to build the super weapons if you are playing with them build the weather control device and the nuke silo first then worry about the chromospheres and iron curtain. When your super weapons are fully charged use them first use the lightning storm on one side of the base and the nuke silo on the other side whatever remains use the chromospheres to chrono your tanks in and use the iron curtain on them then you won.

  • PS2 | Submitted by djdk

    Hint: Lots of guns

    At the main trash disposal facility destroy the combat by luring him into the pit and go to that big circular area where you saw the combat and head to the top and grab all the items. In the medical labs, do not put on the lab coat and you will have a lot of guns.
    Parkers Twin
    Here is something pretty weird I found by mistake. In Story Mode get to the place where you first encounter the APC. After you blow up the APC then move on to the next area that has the elevator. once on the elevator press the button and jump off into a secret cave. Walk through and you'll find a small pond. Inside the pond there will be a body. Swim down to it and pick it up with X. Carry it back tp the Previous area and drop it again with X. Look at the face. Is it just me or does that resemble Parker in a big way?
    On Waste Disposal Plant multi player u can find:
    .go 2 the bottom level
    .find the room with 3 doors and water all around not the level above
    .jump in the water
    .between the bottom of the 4 pillars there should be a platform, on there is the F.R.L.
    [warning: go 2 deep and u will die & u can only fire pistol and romote mines under water]
    .find the room where u get the F.R.L.
    .face the wall with no door
    .go left through the door
    .collect the remote charges
    .where the paths meet go straight forward and blow up the wall 2 your left.
    .inside is the H.M.G.
    .find the upper level of the room where u get the F.R.L.
    .face the wall with no door
    .take the route left through the door
    . blow up the wall 2 your left once through the door, where the sign is jump in collect the grenades
    .if u want the Rail Driver go down the pitwhich is at 1 end of the secret room
    [warning:once ur down 2 get out face the wall with the hole above place a romote charge in the right corner on the room or shoot the wall with a rocket launcher. other weapons e.g. Grenades will hurt u more!
    once u have a explosive weapon
    .go 2 the room where there r 3 doors and water all around NOT the level above where u get grenades.
    .face the wall with no doors
    .go right through the door
    .stop once through door u should be able 2 see a sign blow up that wall and inside there is a rail driver
    Make the opposition die of fright!
    On any level find some remote Charges. Keep trying the throw 1 on some1's head. once u have don't explode it let the run around after a min or so the will drop dead with a live remote charge on them which can be used 2 kill some 1 else. even if the kill u the will still die of fright.
    Secret Sniping Area in Warlords
    In case you haven't found out already, warlord's geo-mods potential is amazing. Here is just an example: go to the top of one of the towers. On the left side of the top, blow a hole. It's always good to a human player helping you who will follow you with his rail gun so you don't get lost in the cliff. Dig at a 50 grade angle (45 degree) until you get to the top of the cliff. Do not go above the top or else it will get all glitchy and messed up. From here, you can snipe down with your rail gun or sniper rifle on anyone on the map.
    Also try digging a trench between the 2 bases. You can dig tunnels, too. It's amazing what a few geo-mods can produce.
    Train glitch
    When you are in the train where you meet the merc with a rail driver walk backwards out of the train and you will be pulled along by the train until the blast doors when you will fall off. it doesn't work all the time though so keep trying.

Red Faction Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Flaming Pinapple

    Various Cheats

    push ~ to bring up console then type vivalahelvig for invincible
    heehoo for no clipping
    bighugmug for all weapons
    camera [1-3]

  • PC | Submitted by michael610551

    Fly Through Walls, Explore Areas Without Entering Them

    message: Alright so, if you want to explore places without being killed and fly your view through walls, push the "~" button during game play and then type camrea2( no spaces) and press enter. after that on your screen you wont see your gun, only the cross hairs and u can move around and see yourself standing there. if u shoot the bullet will go where u aimed. ( if u use a melee weapon u won't hit where the cross hairs aimed but instead, in front of parker) bad new about this, parker never moves, its just the camera view so enable the vivalahelvig code so no one will kill u when just standing there. also, you if u decide you've had enough of the area your in, u cant go beyond area loading zones( the places that say loading on your screen)
    to exit this cheat press "~" and type camera1 and you will be in normal 1st person view. to get 3d person view

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ghost_Dragun

    Full Health

    While playing a game press select, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, and Circle, Circle
    All Weapons
    While playing a game, press Select, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, and Square, Square
    Unlock Everything
    At the main menu,hold select and press Left, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Triangle, Square, and X
    BMF location
    In deathmatch:lobby...Go upstairs and grab the rocket launcher, now go to the wall facing the lobby (youre still upstairs) start blowing up the wall and make a hole to the roof! where there is one of those BMF's at the top!
    If you want to use mortars in multiplayer than follow these simple steps. First go to any level that has a sky (warlords is a good one). Next get a rocket launcher or fusion rocket launcher. Then go into a spot where you have clear view of the sky directly above you. Then aim up and fire. After a few seconds your rocket will run out of fuel and fall back down to the ground. This is good in Warlords to go on top of the fort and fire at the computer. It will take sometime to get used to aiming the mortars but its fun and cool.

  • PS2 | Submitted by HomieFunkMasterK

    Kill Capet Easily and other Cheats

    To kill capet whip out the sub machine gun and go to the second level floor in the area and shoot at him while dodging his energy blasts and it will take a few clips to take him out.
    misc cheats have easy multiplayer games go to the lobby or the mines and blow acouple holes in the wall and plants mines every where and explode them when you see people running, or use the rail gun to take out people in passages
    #2.The best weapons against mercs is the precision rifle, everything else bb guns to there armor or are too slow one exception is a heavy machine gun.
    #3.use the rail gun to scope out areas or rooms before you go into them.
    #4.For fun save in a different slot every time you encounter a new vehicle so you can ride in it anytime you want.
    Warlords Bar-BQ Party
    Pick warlords Level on Multiplayer. Now go to fort Entrance. Shot at one of the Door edges, it will reveal a hole in the ground, continue to shot into the hole. and start to shape a Trench towards the middle of the doorway, now open it more by trimming into the fort making the trench wider, after you've mastered this trench bedding, The Stupid enemy will always fall in, leaving you to throw a napalm of fire and toast them on the pit. Do you like yours well done dear?
    Sniper Rifle
    At the part where the elevator shakes and then falls to the bottom and kills you and the only way to save yourself is to grab hold of the ladder well if you grab the ladder just after you get on and start it up and press L2 just following the elevator there will be an opening with some little plants and so forth go through the opening and then you will come to a area that you have to jump across and once you jump on the other side you will find a sniper Rifle with some ammo and from that position you can take out some guards that will be there in your way later then exit and go down the ladder to the opening and continue on
    Secret fishing area
    In story mode in the mines, you will inevitably have to destroy the security vehicle. After you destroy it, you have to get on an elevator. Instead of going to the top look, and you will see a cave entrance. Enter this cave, and you will see a lake with a bunch of fish swimming around. Pull out you r hand-gun and blow up the fishes. There is a pretty good blood effect.
    Different Face (Hendrix)
    In story mode,On level 19 THE FINAL BATTLE after you've killed all the mercenaries in the Hanger Control Room, and also after Colonel Masako kills Hendrix walk up to him and look down at his face and it'll be white not black.Metal Gear Solid Rocks!
    Ape God Hendix
    On the 18th level in the mainframe computer room walk up to Hendrix, talk to him, get close to his face,look through the Precision rifile at his face and he'll look like an ape god. CAMERON VANDERLINDEN and CORY BROX ROCK!!!
    A Lot More Boom!!!
    When playing in multiplayer and sometimes in the adventure mode:
    1)Get the Fusion Rocket Launcher
    2)Get some Remote Charges(these two weapons are only found in the same level at Installation XJ5 and the Sewage Plant-I can't remember it's exact name)
    3)Place a Remote Charge on a fully-visible platform
    4)Use the Fusion Rocket Launcher to detonate the Charge
    TIP:this is much better when you commit suicide to keep laying down the charges.
    But after you put down about twenty, an explosion with 50 is almost the same.
    WHY DO THIS?:it's funny to ambush bots by using this technique because when you see the entire screen go completely white, you aren't able to find their bodies! The Badlands Fusion Rocket Launcher
    When in the Badlands for multiplayer, find the little hills that slope upwards most (they lead to the top level paths). Now find on one of the two sloped hills, the Flamethrower.
    If you're looking up the hill directly on the spot on where the Flamethrower was, then when you look to your left you'll see a hole. You might have to widen it, but in the hole is the Fusion Rocket Launcher.

  • PS2 | Submitted by PS2 Generation

    Roof Top

    In the lobby go up the ramp get the rocket launcher start to go down the ramp a few steps then turn left or right toward the wall (the wall that is facing the rocket launcher at the bottom of the lobby then start to blow holes in the wall in front of you (kind of upward) keep on going when you see the sky through your hole your just made go up you will be at the roof of the lobby there is a fusion rocket launcher and a rail gun.
    Secret Rooms
    In the lobby, as you go up any ramp, blow a hole in the wall with a rocket launcher wherever there is writing on the wall. There will be a secret room in each writing spot. there are two flamethrowers, a rail driver, and a fusion rocket launcher.
    Third level in lobby
    In the lobby multiplayer level, you can reach the third level of the lobby (the roof) by blasting through the wall of the ramp. There is a railgun and fusion rocket launcher up there. You will know if it is the right side of the roof if you can see arches on the other side of the wall.
    Extra Sub
    After you`ve gotten to the Sub Bay and encountered the fist enemy sub in the area where there is a round hole in the floor. Stop over the hole and look around when you see a crack in wall blow it and go in side, at the end of the tunnel there is a cave and in that cave there is an extra Sub with 700health and 20torpedoes.
    Hidden Pit
    In the deathmatch:Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit! here is what you do Grab the rocket launcher and jump down turn left...see the archway above?
    Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel stright to the open window One might ask why do all this work when you can just go to the archway above and start blasting around the window? Well it doesn't work for some reason...there is like an invisible wall which wont let you pass Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below
    If you drop down, you will always die! Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (you make the hole on the outside of the wall) Jump into the hole and then make another hole straight in front of you but down a little ways
    Now that you have made another hole, jump into it Make sure the hole isn't to far down or you will die from the fall Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. Remind you that it is next to impossible to get back up once youre down there
    Kill bots easily (Deathmatch)
    Any round that has a bridge, launch a few rockets at the floor to make a several holes. The Bots will run over it and either get stuck or fall through to an uncertain but unfortunate doom.
    Bottom of Badlands
    You will notice in this level there are natural bridges over a giant pit which if you fall, you will die. Im going to tell you how to get to the bottom without dieing.
    First of all, this will be hard if you have more than 2 bots, so don't select more than 2
    If you want to try this alone and see how to do it first that would be highly recommended.
    Find the rocket launcher that's next to a bridge
    Go on the bridge and face the flat wall that leads to the bottom
    At a 45 degree angel start blowing holes downwards until you have almost reached the bottom
    This is the hard you have to jump and try to make it into the first hole you will lose some health here from the fall.
    Once you are there, go backwards out of the hole and slowly...i mean slowly drop down to the next hole and repeat this pattern until you get to the bottom!
    Save at least 1 rocket so you can kill yourself cause the bots will not be able to get to you
    This is hard to do when playing against bots cause of them shooting at you...set the timer to 30min.
    Take a lot of weapons with you like :Rail Driver and the Sniper Riffle. Of coarse you will have the rocket launcher so why do you start blowing up the natural bridges from the bottom...don't do it completely, but just enough to watch all the stupid bots plunge to their deaths!