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I own and operate a local computer store that sells a variety of products, such as laptops, white-boxes, pre-built PC's, games, hardware, etc. I enjoy playing a variety games, and recently I have gotten really into: - Onimusha: Warlords (PlayStation2) - Shadow Of Destiny (PlayStation2) - RollerCoaster Tycoon (oldie but a goodie) - Clive Barker's Undying (greatest horror game I've played in a while) - Project I.G.I. (bad reviews, but I find it to be a good game) - Serious Sam - Tribes 2 - The Sims: House Party - Mob Rule (just like Constructor, but mob-oriented. Funny too) I also watch a lot of movies, and my favorites at the moment are: - Se7en - American Beauty - Little Shop Of Horrors (1986 movie-musical version, with Rick Moranis) I've also really gotten into the HBO TV series "The Sopranos." I've got season one on DVD and have taped the entire season two (since it hasn't been released on DVD yet) and am in the process of taping season three. It is a great show about a mafia boss in the 2000's who has to put up with his family and his other family, and needs to see a psychiatrist. I recommend fans of GoodFelllas, Scarface, etc. to watch the show. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [7] Red Faction Copyright | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Red Faction - Game and Software copyright 2001 THQ Inc. Developed by Volition, Inc. Red Faction, Volition, Geo-Mod, THQ and their respective logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc. All rights reserved. This FAQ is not endorsed or supported in any way by THQ, Volition, it's staff or affiliates. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [8] What Is Red Faction? | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Red Faction is a first-person-shooter game, in which you control a single player and basically you see through his eyes. Red Faction takes place on Mars, and you play a miner who joins a revolt against the mining company, Ultor. Red Faction has a feature not seen before, called the Geo-Mod engine, or Geography Modification. With this feature, you can blow up most things you can see. For example, you come to a door that requires a key. Instead of searching for the key (which you can do), pull out a rocket launcher or grenade, and blow a hole in the wall next to the door, thereby creating your own "door," if you will. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [9] Red Faction Story | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Mars in the near future. Mars is the planet of opportunity, its mineral wealth feeding the insatiable needs of Earth, a planet stripped of war materials and mineral. Ultor Corporation, aptly named after the ancient Roman temple dedicated to Mars, the Greek God of War, owns all the mining rights on the planet. The company is an expert at maximizing production while minimizing costs. Fortunes are made as cargo ship after cargo ship return to Earth filled with precious Noachite. Mine workers, misled by promises of adventure and easy money, arrive on Mars by the shuttle load. Few ever make it back to Earth. Conditions in the Ultor Mines are brutal. The work is dangerous and the miners' living quarters are disgusting. Environmental suits and bunks are shared between miners on different shifts. Food is lousy and in short supply. And beatings from Ultor guards are commonplace. Worst of all, a mysterious, disfiguring Plague is running rampant through the mines. As the death toll rises and Ultor remains complacent, the miners' fear and discontent grows. Pamphlets and posters from an underground organization begin showing up all over the mining complex. Signed by the mysterious Eos, the pamphlets tell of bizarre deaths and missing comrades and urge the miners to take action against Ultor. Tensions run high. The mines are wired like a powder keg. All it will take is a spark... During a shift change, a young miner is brutally assaulted by an Ultor guard. Another miner, Parker, witnesses the brutality and is quickly caught up in the chaos. He has no choice. Kill or be killed. A rebellion explodes across Mars. Can you live long enough to become a hero? (taken from the Red Faction Instruction Manual, page 2-3) =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [10] Main Characters | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are three main characters during the game, all who play a very important role in helping you overtake Ultor. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [10.1] Parker | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Parker is you. Or you are Parker. However you want to look at it, the miner you play as is named Parker and will be referred to as Parker throughout the walkthrough and the different people in the game. "I can't believe how stupid I was. Yeah, 'Come to Mars, Help Make A New World!' How could I have believed that crap? "I always thought I was different, better than most. Mom and Dad-Dr. and Dr. Parker, if you please-had my life all scoped out. Private schools, tutors, prep school, Ivy League for undergrad, then grad school and on to a glittering career in academia. They had me running their little maze. "I just couldn't take it anymore. Never being able to separate what I really wanted from what they'd trained me to want. Not knowing where I began and where they ended. No achievement was praiseworthy. When the acceptance letter from Harvard came, they took it like no big deal, just an expected turn in the maze. I went nuts. I ripped up the letter and stormed out of the house, hardly able to see straight. I wanted to do something that wasn't another item to mark off on their progress chart. Signing up for Ultor's mining operations on Mars sure fit that bill. I drove downtown, saw one of their recruiting offices, and it just clicked. "The next thing I knew, I was on a shuttle bound for Mars. That's when it hit me. What was I doing? The other recruits lost their lunch during takeoff and it floated about the cabin for the whole ride. I dodged it during freefall, but when gravity returned on Mars, the mess fell over all of us. "Once we left the ship, it didn't get any better. We were stripped naked and then fire-hosed from sprayers in the walls and ceiling. It was humiliating-Ultor was showing us who was boss. With the showers over, they issued us uniforms. None of them fit. One new recruit tried to complain. He got beaten by the guards and was hauled off to the infirmary. The rest of us kept our mouths shut. "The barracks are a nightmare. The narrow bunks are stacked in dank rooms. Trash covers the floors and graffiti covers the walls. It wouldn't be so bad if the bed was ours, but we share them. While we're out in the mines, the previous shift uses our bunks. It's gross. "Once you're down in the mines, it's pure grunt work. We smash the rock out of the walls trying to follow a vein of moachite. I'm not sure why they just don't use bots to do the work. Ultor has them all over the place. "It's getting tense around here. We're all scared and angry. Angry at Ultor for the conditions we work in and scared of the Plague. Miners are getting sick. Not flu-sick but something worse. Every day, dozens of miners collapse, in the mines and in the barracks, without warning. One minute they're fine, the next they're on the ground, writhing in pain or sometimes unconscious even before they hit the floor. And there's something wrong with their faces too. They seem...puffy or stretched. Some say that they've seen sick miners whose faces are bulging or pulsating. Everyone is on the verge of panic. "Lately, there've been pamphlets slapped up on the barracks and cafeteria walls. They're calling for miners to go on strike against Ultor, to refuse to work. Some of the flyers even urge us to attack the guards, to get back at them for all the years of mistreatment. No one knows who writes them. The pamphlets are signed 'Eos.' Some say it's the name of a group; some say it's the name of a woman who's trying to stir up the miners. "The security guards tear down the pamphlets as soon as they see them, but the damage has already been done. Dozens of people read them. In a few hours, hundreds of miners are talking about the latest pamphlet. People are grumbling, glaring at guards, and openly muttering about a strike or worse. It gets uglier every day. "I don't know what to think or do. I just want to get out of here alive, somehow. Harvard sounds better all the time." |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [10.2] Eos | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Eos is the leader of Red Faction, the underground resistance who wishes to fight against the Ultor Corporation. Eos eventually employs Parker. "There's no going back now. We've finally made a move, after all these years of planning and talking. With last nights attack, we're finally committed. "Orion rigged the bomb. Once he was clear, I hit the Alert button outside the cafeteria. When the security guards ran out of their barracks, the blast took out six of them. That should stir things up. "I can't think of them as people. There's too much at stake here. They work for Ultor, helping the company kill miners. They're the enemy. Too many of my friends have died to feel pity now. We need to harden attitudes on both sides, to make conflict inevitable. Once miners realize they have no choice, once they know their lives depend on defeating Ultor, they they'll fight. And we'll win. "I can't believe it took this long. Ultor's made us live like animals for so many years that we've forgotten we're human. People have been beaten down, physically and mentally, and it's going to take a strong shock to get them back up. We're going to provide the juice, even if it kills us. But no matter what, the miners here will never go back to lurching through life like zombies. We're going to make sure of that. "Mom was one of the early Plague victims, over four years ago. Something about the reactions of the docs and techs in the medical facility made me wonder what was really going on. When she died, I saw guilt burn across a doc's face. I started screaming, blaming Ultor. My dad dragged me back to our apartment and locked me in my room until I stopped yelling. He refused to hear it. But I knew. I just shut up and churned inside. "That night, I decided to rid Mars of Ultor. I had to do it for my Mom, for what they did to her. It began with getting Orion on board. We'd grown up together and I knew I could trust him. And that is where it all began. "As our core group grew, it got harder to meet without arousing suspicion. Orion and I decided to create a smokescreen of athletic competitions between miner barracks. Each barracks could field one or more teams to meet in weekly contests. We submitted a proposal to Gryphon, Ultor's Deputy Administrator. It made my skin crawl to ask him for something, but he quickly approved the idea. A good morale booster is what he thought. It's pretty funny that Ultor is helping cover up our activities. "It was Orion who came up with the name Red Faction for our team. He thought the political sense of "Faction" would have meaning only for us. And the "Red" symbolized that we represented all of Mars. The name clicked with everyone, and Red Faction became the first team to join the new league. "Once the league got underway, we met several times a week for "training" sessions. We couched all our planning in sports terms. This gave a light- hearted feel to a frightening undertaking. Our meetings were also less dangerous because Ultor had to spread its monitoring efforts among the many teams in the competitions. "We all took codenames to use within the group. It probably doesn't provide all that much protection, but it makes us feel a little safer. We'll see. Keeping the group small should help too. There are 23 of us now, plus a few probational recruits. Few enough to be fairly certain there are no leaks, but more than enough to rally groups of miners against Ultor when the time comes. "Sometimes it bothers me how much the others look to me for leadership. What if I get captured or killed? I'd hate for everything to fall apart if something happened to me. Orion's the only one with any initiative. Maybe I've been too forceful, but someone had to do it. We'd still be sitting on our butts complaining if I hadn't taken charge. "Last nights action might have gotten the ball rolling. The security goons are freaking out. I heard they dragged some miners off the third shift and beat them. Everything's primed for the rebellion to start. All it needs is a spark. "And once it gets going, we'll be there to lead it. For weeks now, we've been blanketing the barracks with pamphlets condemning Ultor and blaming them for everything wrong on Mars. The writings are signed 'Eos.' I would have preferred to have them from us as a group, from Red Faction, but that would have given us away immediately. Orion also said the miners needed someone to believe in and follow, not another faceless group. Once the rebellion begins, though, everyone's going to know that Red Faction is the driving force behind it. There'll be no more hiding. "We've been stockpiling weapons for months now. We've quietly stolen weapons from a bunch of weapon lockers at guard barracks and posts. We had to break into only the first couple we raided. After that, we found the doors unlocked to every post we tried. The weapon cabinets were unlocked too. It freaked us out the first time it happened. We figured Ultor was on to us and backed off pretty quickly. But when we found the door to another weapons locker open a few nights later, we took some weapons and boxes of ammo and got out fast. The doors have been unlocked every time since. We still have no idea why. We don't know if Ultor's doing it or someone else, but we're going to grab weapons as long as we can. They won't know miners are armed until the bullets are coming out the backs of their skulls. "We've cached the stolen weapons throughout the mines and barracks. When the rebellion starts, Red Faction members will head to the nearest cache and hand out weapons to any miner willing to fight. The security guards are used to bullying unarmed miners; they're in for a big shock. "I don't know what to do about the mercenaries that Masako brought here, though. They're tough, as so is she. We'll make some feints at important installations around the complex, maybe get the mercs dug into defensive positions. If that doesn't work, we're in trouble. The mercs will slice right through us if they go on the offensive too soon. If we move fast enough, they won't hit us until we've settled with the guards and gotten everyone armed. Our sole advantage is numbers, but I don't want to waste thousands of miners in human wave attacks. "The next few days are going to make or break us. Four years of planning and plotting are either going to pay off or get us all killed. Getting rid of Ultor is the goal for everyone else in Red Faction. But I want more. I want to know who's behind the Plague. And I want them to die." |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [10.3] Hendrix | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hendrix is a security technician with Ultor Corporation who is sympathetic for the Red Faction cause. He states he has his own reasons for helping you, but who knows what they may be? "Growing up, I never heard anything negative about Ultor. Mom and Dad gave their lives to the corporation, in more ways than one. They blamed the Plague on bad luck, a Martian virus, or bad air-anything but Ultor. When you're in the belly of the beast, you shy away from wondering if it has your best interests in mind. "They wanted to keep me out of the mines in the worst way. They pushed me to excel at my studies and glowed with pride at every achievement. As long as I did well in Ultor's schools, I could stay out of the mines. I took all of the tech courses I could. Not just the mechanical stuff that Ultor pushed on all of us, but comp sci, physics, chemistry-everything they'd let me into. Even that didn't stop me. When they wouldn't let me into a certain class, I just borrowed the tapes from someone who was. I wasn't going to wind up in the mines. "As I grew older, I started to hack into Ultor's systems. At first, I was extremely cautious. A friend of mine, Danny, his father supposedly stole something. After Ultor found out, Danny's whole family was gone overnight. I made sure I wouldn't get caught, and started by breaking into unimportant systems like the lock controls on the door to our apartment or the lights. "It took me a long time to get up the courage to crack a system outside our apartment. I kept picturing Danny and his family. I finally screwed up my nerve and started to hack into the grading records for our complex's school. I figured security would be pretty lax there, all things considered. It took me about two weeks of cautious trial and error, but I finally got in. I made sure I just looked around. When on one came knocking at our door over the next few days, I went back in and made some small changes to tests scores for a couple of my friends. I was afraid to do more, as the teachers might notice. "When I finished the tech program at age 15, they put me to work in the robot maintenance division, working on bot electronics. For the past ten years, I've worked long and hard at it, rising from maintenance to SciLab support and now to security technician. "All that time, my real work has gone on at home. One of the first subsystems I looked for was Ultor's snooper/tracker programs. By watching them work, I figured out how to avoid detection on my nightly forays. They're not that smart, so it wasn't hard. I felt safer then and began to explore further. I cracked hundreds of Ultor systems, never touching data or code, never leaving a trace (at least I hope not). Over the years, I've broken into almost every important system in the mining complex. "The exceptions are certain areas within the SciLabs' computer subnetwork and the medical facility subnetwork. Incredible security and layers of complex encoding surround all files within these areas. When I first encountered the SciLab section of the network, over two years ago, it scared me to death. Every few months, I work up the courage to look again, but I always stop short. I'm not even sure I really want to see what's inside anyway. I've got a bad feeling about it. "Those network sections are under the personal security of Dr. Capek, the head of Ultor's Science Labs. He's the scariest person I've ever met. He looks like he's half robot, with implants all over his body. I think most of my fear of the SciLab subnet centers on running into Capek, even in a virtual arena. "For years, I've existed in two worlds. The physical world that I share with everyone else here is the daily drudgery of this hellish mining complex. But the virtual world of Ultor's computer net is mine alone. I've never talked about it with anyone, and I've never spotted another human presence among the autonomous programs that run the complex. "The irony of my current position doesn't escape me. Here I am, a security technician, entrusted with observing and maintaining a roomful of security monitors and data analysis equipment. I can watch activity in dozens of areas throughout the mining complex. I can also switch a monitor to show the view through any miners' helmetcam, giving me a choice of thousands of mobile cameras. And yet, I might be Ultor's single greatest security risk. "With what I know about the systems here, I could probably bring the entire mining operation crashing down. But they'd be sure to find me then, and I don't even want to think about that. I can help out anyone who wants to fight Ultor, though, whatever I can do without much risk. Maybe keep the rebels one step ahead. "There are some miners who're willing to start a revolt against Ultor. The one making the most noise right now goes by the codename 'Eos.' Her group has been posting flyers urging miners to rise up against Ultor. "I know who Eos is. Worse yet, Ultor knows too. That's how I found out-by looking through Ultor security files. I want to warn her, to tell her that Ultor's on to her and is biding its time for some reason. But I can't bring myself to contact her. I can't risk exposure. They're watching her and they might catch me. "So I sit and watch too, hoping things turn out OK. I've been watching for years now, as things slowly fall apart, as the miners and Ultor get closer and closer to a final confrontation. "That's the way I've always dealt with the world-by sitting and watching. Even when my parents died. They both seemed like they'd live and work forever. One day, a little over a year ago, we had just finished dinner when Dad started shivering and twitching, more violently every second. He flopped onto the floor before Mom or I could reach him. His face was bulging and stretching like it was made of rubber. Lumps were moving around under his clothes too. Mom freaked out. I called the medics, but he was dead before they got here. They said it was the Plague and had no idea what caused it. "I'd heard of the Plague, of course. Lots of people on Mom and Dad's shifts had been hit over the last few years. It always struck suddenly. Sometimes the victim died within minutes and sometimes he was still alive when the medics took him away. None of the miners taken away ever came back, so I'm pretty sure they died too. "After Mom got over the shock of Dad's death, she got mad, really mad. Dad had been in for his annual checkup at our section's medical facility just a week before and she thought they should have found it then. She railed on and on, night after night, about the medics' incompetence and how they could have cured him of the Plague. She went in for her annual four months later and came back ticked off all over again. Turns out she gave them a piece of her mind the whole time she was in there. Three weeks after that, my supervisor came into the monitoring room and told me Mom had collapsed in the tunnels and died before they could get her to a medic. "My annual checkup is in two weeks; I'm not going." =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11] Enemies | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| You will encounter a variety of enemies throughout the game, human or otherwise. Some are easy, some are tough, some should be avoided. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.1] Humans | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| For the most part of the game, you will encounter other humans employed by Ultor. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.1.1] Low-level Security Guard | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These are the guys you will face most often. They will also be dispatched when alarms are triggered and what-not. The easiest way to defeat these guys is to use your pistol, a single round from the automatic shotgun, or if you can get close or behind them without being seen, the control baton works good. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.1.2] Medium-level Security Guard | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These guys are usually armed with assault rifles or shotguns, and they carry yellow body armor. The best way to deal with them is to use the primary fire mode of your shotgun (two shots) or rapid pistol shots in quick succession, so they don't get a chance to return fire. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.1.3] High-level Security Guard | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These are the highest level of the guards you encounter, and will be found at Ultor's most protective complexes. They usually carry submachine guns, and have more armor than the Medium-level guards. Use the primary fire of your shotgun or assault rifle to dispose of them. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.2] Mechanical | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are two security bots you encounter, and one that can't be destroyed. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.2.1] Small Security Bot | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These guys roam the halls, and although they are small, their energy cannon does a fair bit of damage. A primary shotgun blast will destroy them. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.2.2] Large Security Bot | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Guarding the more important areas of the Ultor Corporation, they are very powerful and very resistance to most weapons. Your best bet against them is the rocket launcher or rail driver. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.3] Mutants | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Experiments gone wrong, these things are not what they were and not what they were intended to be. They're sort of in a limbo, but hate you nonetheless. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.3.1] Reapers | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Ugly little things, these guys are relentless and are best dealt with the flamethrower. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.3.2] Re-animated Miners | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Your fellow workers, they now cannot tell the difference between you and Ultor. They have been altered to kill everything, but since they're mostly flesh without armor, anything can take them out fairly quickly. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.3.3] Worm | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| This thing is pretty tough and fast. If you are not constantly moving, you will be killed. The best weapon to use is either the rocket launcher or precision rifle. Avoid it's green poison spray. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.3.4] Underwater Thing | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| You should be in your submarine when you encounter these things, because the torpedos will kill it in one shot. If you're caught swimming when it is near, use your pistol, as it is the best underwater weapon to use. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.4] Mercenaries | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Ultor's best of the best, you won't encounter merc's until far, far into the game when you are penetrating the very important and secret areas of the compound. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.4.1] Shotgun Mercenaries | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These guys carry heavy body armor and an automatic shotgun. They should be taken out with the same weapon or an assault rifle. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.4.2] Assault Rifle Mercenaries | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These guys carry heavy body armor and an assault rifle. They should be taken out with the same weapon or the automatic shotgun. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.5] Civilians | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| These people pose no threat, and some even help you. If you approach them with a weapon drawn, they will most likely run and cower. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.5.1] Doctor | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| When activated, the Doctor will heal you (as long as your health is under 100). You can kill them without suffering any penalties. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.5.2] Nurse | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| When activated, the Nurse will heal you (as long as your health is under 100). You can kill them without suffering any penalties. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.5.3] Technician | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Pretty much useless, they walk around and repair stuff. Killing them produces no side effects, but they might drop a medkit. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [11.5.4] Miners | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Your co-workers, your friends. Killing them produces no negative results, but why kill someone who is fighting for the same reasons as you? Well, I guess ammo and health would be a good reason. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12] Weapons | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| You have a total of 15 weapons at your disposal. Use each one with extreme prejudice, and kill some Ultor scum! Some weapons produce an explosion with a certain radius, and being inside this radius can cause harm to you. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.1] Control Baton (UCB-24 Ultor Control Baton) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This crowd control weapon can serve as a truncheon or a stun gun. Ammo/Clip Size: Battery cell Range: Short Primary Fire: Swing baton as club Secondary Fire: Electric Shock mode |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.2] Riot Shield (UBS-4 Ultor Riot Body Shield) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: A body-sized translucent shield that is used by the riot guards of Ultor. The riot shield is lightweight but can withstand blast and gunfire damage for a brief period of time. Ammo/Clip Size: N/A Range: N/A Primary Fire: Swing shield Secondary Fire: N/A |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.3] 12MM Pistol (USP-16 Ultor Semi-Automatic Pistol) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This basic semi-automatic pistol packs a serious punch against unarmored targets. The pistol can penetrate body armor but with significantly less impact. This weapon is standard issue for Ultor security guards and officers. The pistol can be fired underwater. Ammo/Clip Size: 12 mm. bullets/16 rounds Range: Short to Medium Primary Fire: Fire one round Secondary Fire: Attach/detach silencer |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.4] Submachine Gun (UAP-32/20 Ultor Submachine Gun) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon is slightly larger than the pistol and is capable of full automatic fire. Heavier than the pistol, the submachine gun offers better control in full auto mode, though it remains inaccurate at medium or pong range. Ultor officers (the guard commanders) are issued submachine guns as standard weapons. Ammo/Clip Size: 12 mm. bullets/30 rounds; 5.56mm high velocity armor piercing bullets/20 rounds Range: Short to Medium Primary Fire: Fire rounds, automatic Secondary Fire: Toggle between 12mm and 5.56mm rounds |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.5] Automatic Shotgun (UAS-18 Ultor Automatic Combat Shotgun) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon is a military-grade shotgun capable of semi- automatic and full automatic fire. Recoil in semi-automatic mode is slightly less than a civilian 10-gauge shotgun. Fully automatic fire is more difficult to control because of the recoil compensator's response time. Ammo/Clip Size: 10 gauge buckshot shells/8 rounds Range: Short to Medium Primary Fire: Fires a double shot, pump action Secondary Fire: Fires a single shot every 0.15 seconds, continuous fire |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.6] Assault Rifle (UAR-42 Ultor Military Assault Rifle) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon is designed to offer all the benefits of a full- length rifle in a compact design. It is capable of firing three round bursts or full automatic fire. Compared to fully automatic fire, three round bursts offer increased control and aim but potentially decreased force, unless fired at close range. The high-velocity armor-piercing shells inflict massive damage on unarmored targets and will penetrate body armor easily. This is the standard rifle issued to Ultor soldiers. Ammo/Clip Size: 5.56mm high velocity armor piercing bullets/42 rounds Range: Short to Long Primary Fire: Fires a single 3 round burst Secondary Fire: Continuous automatic fire |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.7] Sniper Rifle (USG-50 Ultor Sniper Rifle) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: Capable of semi-automatic firing only, this sniper rifle comes standard with an UNVS-8 scope that provides the user with up to 12x zoom. The rifle also features a wind velocity offset that corrects for wind conditions. This weapon is capable of inflicting critical wounds when a head or torso shot is achieved. It is also capable of penetrating light armored vehicles. Ammo/Clip Size: .50 caliber armor piercing bullet/6 rounds Range: Fires one round Primary Fire: Activates/deactivates the scope, hold down for zoom Secondary Fire: |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.8] Remote Charge (URC-15 Ultor Remote Mining Charge) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This is a medium-sized, high-explosive remotely detonated charge. It has a kill radius of 10 meters. Only one charge can be detonated at a time. They are effective against unarmored and armored personnel as well as light vehicles. Ammo/Clip Size: N/A Range: Short Primary Fire: Throw and detonate the charge Secondary Fire: N/A |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.9] Grenade (UHG-90 Ultor Offensive Hand Grenade) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon is a high explosive anti-personnel device with a kill radius of 5 meters. The grenade has a 4-second timer that starts when thrown. Hand grenades are highly effective against unarmored personnel and moderately effective against armored personnel. Ammo/Clip Size: N/A Range: Short Primary Fire: Toss as an impact grenade Secondary Fire: Toss grenade with a 4-second timer |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.10] Flamethrower (UFT-01 Ultor Flamethrower) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon is based on the Ultor Defoliator, used for clearing plant growth. It shoots a flaming steam of fuel that sticks on contact and burns for up to 30 seconds. This weapon has been modified to shoot a flame twice as far at the cost of faster fuel consumption. Ammo/Clip Size: Fuel Tank Range: Short to Medium Primary Fire: Shoots a 4-meter flame Secondary Fire: Remove and throw fuel canister as an incendiary bomb |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.11] Rocket Launcher (URL-6T Ultor Tactical Rocket Launcher, "Big Earl")| |----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon is capable of firing its rockets in "dumb" or "homing" (i.e. heat-seeking) mode. Once homing mode is selected, it takes approx. 2.75 seconds for the thermal imaging sensor to achieve target lock. The weapon beeps when locked onto a target. Once fired, the rocket tracks the target until contact or until it runs out of fuel. Ammo/Clip Size: 15 cm high explosive rockets/6 rounds Range: Medium to Long Primary Fire: Fires "dumb" rockets, automatically fires a rocket every 2 seconds Secondary Fire: Engages heat-seeking mode |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.12] Rail Driver (FCA-26 Magnetic Rail Driver) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: This weapon was brought to Mars bo Col. Masako's mercenaries. Capable of firing metal slugs at ultra-high velocity, the rail gun can penetrate walls. Ammo/Clip Size: Metal Slug/1 round Range: Medium to Long Primary Fire: Fires a metal slug Secondary Fire: Engages the scope and allows you to see enemies through walls |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.13] Precision Rifle (MK/SG-1 Defender Precision Rifle) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: A favorite of mercenary grunts, this rifle fires a single explosive round with precision accuracy. Ammo/Clip Size: 5.65mm explosive ammo/20 rounds Range: Long Primary Fire: Semi-automatic Secondary Fire: Activates/deactivates the scope, hold down for zoom |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.14] Heavy Machine Gun (JF60-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machine Gun) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: A terribly inaccurate, but fast firing weapon. Holds tons of ammo and best used when raw firepower and maximum suppression is required. Ammo/Clip Size: 7.62 mm caliber/belt-fed, typically 99 rounds Range: Long Primary Fire: Full auto Secondary Fire: Slower firing rate but significantly more accurate |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [12.15] Fusion Rocket Launcher (F-1TL Rocket Launcher) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: Huge shoulder-mounted weapon that fires a single powerful shell capable of massive amounts of damage. Ammo/Clip Size: Single shell Range: Long Primary Fire: Fires a single large shell and has a long reload time after each shot Secondary Fire: N/A =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13] Vehicles | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Throughout the game, you will have the chance to drive/fly five unique vehicles. They all prove useful somehow. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.1] All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The ATV is unique in that it offers you two separate points of entry and control. Entering the ATV near the front of the vehicle allows you to drive through the environment. Entering the ATV towards the rear of the vehicle allows you to control the mounted machine gun (GX240 medium class coaxial/ pintle mount). Fairly fast for getting around, the ATV is not as durable as most of the other vehicles available for Parker. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.2] Mine Driller | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The Driller is a relatively slow but heavily armored vehicle that allows you slowly dig through the environment. It is a great source of protection for Parker but does not possess any form of fire-power. Use the Primary Fire button to engage the driller bits. Pressing the Alternate Fire button will cycle through the four points of view: Front, Left, Rear and Right. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.3] Aesir Fighter | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The Aesir Fighter is an extremely agile craft used in aerial combat. It offers both heat-seeking missiles (ULT-AR4 Steeleye Tandem Warhead), which are the alternate fire and a Gatling Gun (ULT-8CG 30mm 8 barrel), which is the primary fire. Use the Jump and Crouch buttons to slide the vehicle up and down. These buttons are essential to master in aerial combat with Ultor-controlled fighters. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.4] Submarine | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The Submarine offers heat-seeking torpedoes for fire-power. To discharge a torpedo (ULT-MK1 Passive/Active Homing Torpedo), use the Primary Fire button. Like the fighter, the Jump and Crouch buttons will slide the Sub up and down and are essential to learn in combat with other Subs. Be careful-Ultor subs are also armed with heat-seeking missiles. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [13.5] Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The APC is a heavily armored and powerful vehicle that offers a mortar (Forward Mounted ULT-80mm), which is the alternate fire, and a Chain Gun (Chain Gun ULT-6AG 20mm), which is the primary fire. Although not as quick as the ATV, the APC is quick enough to run down a fleeing mercenary. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14] Tactics and Information | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Survival is of the utmost importance. Although the tactics here work with most first-person-shooters, they are worth a read over, especially the "Geo- Mod" section. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.1] Training Mission | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The Training Mission is a very good resource for players new to this type of game, and for experienced players too. It tells you the basics, and also tells you how to control turrets, activate switches, and more. It is very worthwhile to go through this mission before jumping into single-player. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.2] Locational Damage | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Red Faction has a locational damage system, meaning your enemy will take more damage depending on what body part is hit. Shooting someone in the foot probably won't even stun them, but shooting them in the head is a guaranteed kill. Utilize this system to your advantage. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.3] Movement | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Although it's pretty obvious, keep moving. A stationary target is an easy target. You should always be moving, and when you're not actually doing anything, you should still be moving, just in case. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.4] Stealth | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Stealth is of major importance in one part of the game, but can also be used elsewhere. Using the pistol with the silencer attached is a great method, as well as the control baton. Your best friend when utilizing stealth is your ability to pick up corpses and place them out of the way. Be sure to take every precaution if you are forced to use stealth, otherwise it could mean your life. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.5] Strafing | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Strafing is an excellent tactic so that you always have a heads up on the enemy. Strafe around corners so that you can see what's beyond right away. If you walk around a corner, then turn to face the new direction, an enemy could get a shot or two off at you, but by strafing, you will see him just as he sees you. Another tactic I like is called "circle-strafing." This is the act of circling around an enemy, with the enemy in the center. By circling him, you are keeping him in your LOS (Line Of Sight) and can keep your gun trained on him while avoiding (hopefully) a lot of shots. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.6] Reloading | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Reloading during the middle of a fight is bad. Very bad. Never ever do it if it can be helped. Reload your weapon during downtime so that you will have a full clip ready to go as soon as you encounter someone. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.7] Turrets and Sentries | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Turrets are manned guns stationed throughout the complex. They sit on a base which is rotateable. When the person manning the gun has been killed, you can take over and use it to your advantage. Sentries are a different matter entirely. They are usually emplaced somewhere, such as a ceiling, and are automated. They will always shoot at you, and they cannot be shut off or controlled by you. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.8] Buttons | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Buttons come in a variety of forms. Switches, levers, control panels, whatever. They all prove useful somehow, unless it's short-circuited or something, in which case you'll have to blow your way around (hint hint). |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.9] Geo-Mod | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Geo-Mod, a new technology developed by Volition strictly for use in Red Faction, stands for "geometric modification," or in Lamen's terms, environment deformation. Most areas of the game can be blown up. These areas are called, as they say in the gaming industry, blowupable, or GeoModable. Using an explosive weapon, such as the Rocket Launcher, Grenade, or Remote Charge, you can blow a hole in the wall, floor, or ceiling. These walls can be blown deeper and deeper depending on how much explosives you use. However, there is a limitation in the engine, and that is once you have blown up a certain percentage of the environment, everything else that can be blown up refuses to be blown up. Perhaps it is to maintain the FPS (frames-per-second), or other design ideas. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [14.10 Messages | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Pay attention to all the messages you receive. They are not just for advancing the story, but they contain important information as well. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15] Multiplayer | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Multiplayer is excellent. Even with the split-screen mode and tons of action going on, the framerate stays sharp. Unfortunately, Red Faction only supports two players, a big mistake when most console shooters support up to four ( TimeSplitters, for instance). |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.1] HUD (Heads-Up-Display) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Top Left: Amount of health and envirosuit remaining. Center Left: Your name as entered in the "player name" menu; the number of kills you have; your ranking. Very Bottom Left: Amount of time remaining on map (if any) Top Right: Amount of ammo remaining for current weapon (total ammo and ammo in current clip) |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.2] Options | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Number Of Bots: Choose from 0 to 4 bots (computer controlled enemies) in Player VS Player or 0-4 bots in Player VS Bots Bot Skill Level: Choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, or Impossible Kill Limit: Select either NO LIMIT or set the Kill Limit up to 50. When the Kill Limit is reached, the match will end. Time Limit: Set Time Limit up to 30 minutes. When you reach the Time Limit the match will end. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.3] Tactics | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| The following tactics will help you in turning your friends against you. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.3.1] Sniping | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Sniping is more useful in multiplayer than single-player. Use this strategy only if you start out in a good spot with a rifle nearby. You should keep in mind that a successful sniper will always be at a higher location than the snipeee. Be careful, though, because skilled players can sneak up behind you and kill you, because your view is limited to the narrow angle of the scope. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.3.2] Explosives | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are hidden areas abound on most of the multiplayer maps, and to access these areas, you need to destroy a wall or maybe a floor tile. Be sure to blast any suspicious area, and make sure to shoot a wall whenever there is a poster plastered on it. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.3.3] Geo-Mod | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Use the Geo-Mod to your advantage. Blow a hole in a wall, maybe three or four shots deep, then sit in there and wait for someone to come running by. Or shoot the floor out in front of your enemy, and while he is struggling to get out, nail him. Are you fighting up high on a catwalk like floor? Shoot the floor in front of your enemy and watch him fall, taking considerable damage. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.3.4] Speed Is Your Friend (Not The Drug, Silly) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Speed is the key to winning. You should know the levels inside out, so that you can constantly run, and take escape routes whenever possible. A beginner player who knows how to use speed can kill an experienced player using the Rail Driver (which kills with one shot, anywhere) with a Control Baton. How? The Rail Driver has a lengthy reload time, and isn't terribly accurate, so someone moving fast can avoid the shot, then nail the guy before he knew what hit him. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.4] Maps | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| There are nine maps included with Red Faction, each one set up for a certain amount of players. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.4.1] The Lobby | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: You are an unwanted visitor in the Ultor complex. Do you have what it takes to storm the lobby? Players: Best with two to four opponents. Notes: The pillars on the lower level of the atrium are good for cover, even from a rocket, as the blast is stopped from harming you. To conserve your life, move from pillar to pillar, and try to never run in the open for too long. The two floors of the lobby are connected via corridors that curve from top to bottom. These hallways are very bare, so there is nowhere to hide. Keep running. It's possible to blow holes in the walls, so you can dig a deep enough hole and use it for an ambush. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.4.2] Installation XJ-15 | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: Fast moving action inside an industrial complex nestled within a crater on the martian surface. Players: Best with three to five opponents. Notes: In the main room, there is a metal catwalk overlooking the floor. This is a good area to ambush people, but be careful nobody sneaks up on you. There are a few T-intersections in this map. Be careful when approaching them, because someone could come from the left or right and take you by surprise. There is a lot of level fighting in this map, because there are a lot of exposed walkways and catwalks. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [15.4.3] Waste Disposal Plant | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Description: Radioactive contaminants are the least of the dangers in this sewage treatment plant. Players: Best with four to six opponents. Notes: =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [16] Default Controls | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Fire: R1 Alternate Fire: R2 Use: X Jump: L1 Crouch: L2 Holster/Unholster Weapon: left directional button (D-Pad) Reload: TRIANGLE Next Weapon: CIRCLE Previous Weapon: SQUARE Fine Aim Mode: up directional button (D-Pad) Message Log: right directional button (D-Pad) Center View: down directional button (D-Pad) Walk/Sidestep: left analog stick (L3) Pitch/Turn: right analog stick (R3) =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [17] Single Player HUD (Heads-Up-Display) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Health and Envirosuit Protection -------------------------------- The upper left portion of the screen shows how much remaining health and envirosuit protection Parker has. The outer ring and number on the HUD correspond to the envirosuit. The inner circle and number represent health. Parker is at full health and protection when both numbers are 100. When Parker's health number reaches zero (0), Parker will die. When Parker's envirosuit reaches zero, Parker will not be able to breath in unpressurized environments. Total Ammo and Clip Ammo ------------------------ The upper right portion of the screen displays the amount of ammo Parker has it total for the selected weapon, as well as the amount of ammo in the current clip. When the current clip ammo reaches zero, Parker must reload his weapon to continue using it. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [18] Walkthrough Introduction | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Notes about this walkthrough: It was done on the "Medium" difficulty setting, and its a straight walkthrough designed to get you from the beginning of the game to the end in the least amount of time as possible. For secrets, please look at the Secrets section. This walkthrough, apart from certain areas, does not tell you where an enemy is, so if you read a line "walk into the room and hit the switch," DON'T assume nothing is there to harm you. You will find messages in the game also included in the walkthrough, in the form of a starred box, like below. **************************************************************************** * This is an example of a starred box, which will contain the messages you * * receive. * **************************************************************************** If you are looking for a guide that includes all the hidden rooms and extra ammo/armor caches included in the walkthrough itself, please check out the FAQ by TCovert, available from the Red Faction overview page at GameFAQs. |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [18.1] Walkthrough Begins | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| As soon as you begin the game, head down the ramp into the open area. As you get further down, you hear someone say "Come on Parker, shift's over." As you get to the bottom, you see a guard arguing with a miner. The guard pulls out his control baton, but the miner punches the guard, knocking him out. After this, another guard further down shoots two miners. Pick up the control baton on the unconscence guard and fry the guard who just killed the miners. Another guard awaits by the big door to your far left. Use the pistol you picked up from the second guard and kill him. Go through the big blue door where the third guard was. As you walk up, you see a robot digging a hole to your right. Further up, you see an entrance on your left. Go through to the area, kill the guard, then grab the Remote Charges. Head back through the tunnel and continue up. You will see an entrance on your right; ignore it. Continue up and you'll see another tunnel to the left. Enter it, grab the Remote Charges at the end, then return and continue up. As you approach the blue-outline checkpoint thing, you get a message from the mysterious Eos. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Miners! This is Eos, leader of the Red Faction. Our time has come!* **************************************************************************** Enter the tunnel to your left, where the light sits. Kill the one guard in here, then grab the Remote Charges, and open the box for a milked and EnviroSuit armor. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Workers in Mine M-4 have started the rebellion. They're fighting * * and dying for you as I speak! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Find the Red Faction members among you. Join us and strike back at * * Ultor! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Together, we can... * **************************************************************************** Head back to the hallway and continue up, following the sign that says "Guard Station." At the top, you hear a cry for help. From your right, a miner runs, being chased by a guard. If you kill the guard before he kills the miner, the miner tells you something about a shuttle leaving for Earth with all the miners, and he'll make sure you can get in if you help him get there. If you didn't save him, then it doesn't really matter because I just told you what he would've said. If you did save him (or didn't), head to the right and run down the path. Near the middle, the miner will die in an explosion (if saved before) and three guards at the door will attack you. Kill them all, grab their stuff, and toward the door. LOADING As soon as you regain control, head through the door. Two guards are across you, and one as a rocket launcher. Dispose of them, then jump into the water. Swim across to the other side, jump onto the small platform, then run up the ramp to reach the top of the bridge. Enter the door at the top, then run all the way up the ramp to the next door. Go through it. There are three guards in here; two perched on platforms. Kill them all and go through the next door. Continue up the pathway and go through yet another door. There are more guards in here, perched on platforms, as well as a Driller to your left. Walk up to the driller and press the Action key to enter and drive it. If you want, you can either open the blue door in this room with the drill, or drill your way through. However you choose, head that way. In the next room, you will see an electrified fence. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Remember every dead miner, every injustice, and strike back! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: The Red Faction will lead you to freedom. * **************************************************************************** Drive through the fence with the driller. This will make the driller inoperable, but you won't have to face the two guards in the room to the left. Enter the small blue door on the other side of the fence. Go up this small ramp. LOADING When the load is finished, Hendrix messages you. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, you don't know me, but my name's Hendrix and I want to * * help you. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I'm a security technician with Ultor. I have my own reasons for* * hating them and wanting to help you. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I've been watching the riots on security monitors. You're the * * only miner from M-4 to make it this far. * **************************************************************************** At the top of this winding ramp, you see an APC driving across a bridge. You have two options. You can either let the APC cross, at which point it opens the door. If you do this, you will have to evade the bullets of that APC soon. Your second option is to throw a Remote Charge on the bridge, then detonate it as soon as the APC is over it. This will create a gap in the bridge, sending the APC to its doom. I recommend this choice, if not to save yourself later, but to enjoy one of the cool aspects of the Geo-Mod technology. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Be careful, Parker. Ultor's rushing forces in to block the * * mines and keep the rebellion from spreading. * **************************************************************************** Continue across the catwalk to the tunnel opposite you. Head down. You emerge in a big room. Kill all the guards, then take the elevator to the top. You got off by a door; enter it. LOADING Head up the ramp. You see a guard running toward you on fire. Avoid him so you don't take any damage from the flames. Continue up and kill a bunch of guards. Grab the Automatic Shotgun from the armored guard, and the Flamethrower from the dead miner. Proceed into the booth in the middle, activate the switch, then enter either door that just opened. There is a Riot Shield in this small control booth if you want it. In the next room, enter the door. Kill the armored guard through the door, then hit the switch next to this door. LOADING When the loading is done, the door opens, and you are in a long hallway with doors on both sides. Ignore the first door on your right, and continue along. Enter the second door on the right. Kill the guard and pick up the armor on the dead miner. Head back out, then go to the first door on your left. Kill the guard in the stall for ammo, then head out. Enter the third door on your right. Grab the ammo and armor, and head toward the door to your right, next to the glass. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: If I can reach someone in the Red Faction, I'll ask how you can * * link up with them. I'll let you know. * **************************************************************************** You are now in another long hallway. Turn to your left and take control of the stationary turret, because six or so guards will come at you. Let them have it, then release control of the gun. Enter the first door on your right and you'll see someone in a jail cell. Open the door by picking up the card on the table, and then follow the guy. As soon as the guy is released, he'll head to the elevator room, but will die in there. Go back to the turret, because another group of guards will attack you. You receive a message in the elevator room. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That elevator's been destroyed. You'll have to find another way* * up. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I think I can still get you to the docking bay, Parker. * **************************************************************************** Leave the gun, then head to the door in the center of the left wall. In this new room, head to the left. Be sure to holster your gun before entering, or the Doctor in this room won't heal you (if you're hurt). Run through the archway to the back end of this room, and use your Action button on the Miner laying on the table. He talks about the shuttle in the docking bay, then dies. Return to the hallway and go all the way down, toward the cafeteria. Kill about three guards in the cafeteria, then enter the kitchen via the door in the back. Crawl into the vent above the sink and follow it around. LOADING Jump out of the vent and head toward the door at the top of the stairs. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a back route into the docking bay up ahead, if it's not * * blocked. * **************************************************************************** Enter the door, then walk to the other day. Follow this hallway, and when it turns to the right, kill the guard, then climb the ladder. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The escaping miners came this way too. The elevators ahead * * were destroyed in the fighting. You'll have to climb up. * **************************************************************************** Open the door to the elevator shaft, and climb the long ladder all the way to the third platform. Kill the guard, cross this short hall, then walk around to the next ladder, and climb it all the way to the top. Get off the ladder, kill the guards, and enter the open elevator doorway. You are now in what appears to be an office area. Begin walking down the hall. LOADING Shoot open the vent to your left. Crawl all the way to the end, shoot the vent, drop down, and kill the security guard. Grab the health from the wall if needed, the Assault Rifle from the weapon rack, and press the button on the console to open the door. Shoot out the glass, drop down, and go through the now opened door. Continue through this hallway killing the guards, then enter the double doors. You are in the main lobby area. Kill the guards, then jump behind the desk to your right, get the health and ammo from the dead guards, then run up the stairs in the center of the room. Take a right and follow the hall to the door. LOADING Enter the door and walk up a ramp. You will see a miner die to your right. Walk this way, kill the guards, then take control of the turret. Kill about three to four guards, then go through the door beyond the turret. Walk into the elevator at the top of the ramp and ride it up. You get off at a medical facility. Walk into the room marked with a cross and get the doctor to heal you (if needed), then head down the slight ramp. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Hurry, Parker. The miners are at the shuttle. * **************************************************************************** Continue down the hall until you walk into a large hallway overlooking the docking bay. Both doors shut, and you see the shuttle take off. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There they go. If only you'd been faster... * **************************************************************************** The shuttle flies out the door, but gets blown up by guided rockets. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Maybe being slow isn't such a bad thing. * **************************************************************************** Go through the now opened door and turn left at the fork. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That explosion blew out the docking bay door. Before you can * * enter, you need to activate the emergency doors from the control room. * **************************************************************************** Return to the fork and turn left. Follow it up and around to the right. Go into the control room, and hit the switch on the console that's sitting in the middle platform, between the two green tint floors. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That did it. Once the docking bay's pressurized, the containme-* * net door will retract. * **************************************************************************** Return to the elevator and ride it down. Follow the hallway to the next set of doors and go through them to enter the docking bay. Kill the guards, then go through the big doors to your left. Kill the guards. LOADING Take the cargo elevator down. At the bottom, enter the big sliding door. In this new room, you can grab some extra ammo and equipment from the shuttle. When you've got the stuff, continue down the ramp, opposite the door you came in, to another door, and go through it. There is a sentry turret hanging on the ceiling. Duck behind obstacles to avoid its fire. Run to the first door on your left. Climb the ladder, get the health from the box (if needed) and enter the shaft. Walk through to the next room. Climb down the ladder and head for the door. Go through the door and turn left. Walk across one of the grates to the door on the other side. In this room, there is a robot which you can fight or avoid. Walk to the small door, outlined in red, to your right. Climb the ladder. Follow the catwalk to a door. Enter it, take out the guard, then hit the switch on the console. Return to the main floor and enter the now opened door. Walk to the next door. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The elevator ahead should take you down to Level N-17, fairly * * close to the Red Faction base. * **************************************************************************** Enter the door. Follow this hallway to the elevator and ride it down. After it reaches a certain depth, it begins to creak. The elevator uncontrollably falls down. Climb onto the ladder to avoid being killed. Walk down the ladder to the platform and go through the door. Kill any guards in here, then go to the small building to your left. Collect whatever you need in here, then go to the building across from you. **************************************************************************** * Eos: If you can stay alive until we fight our way back up, we'll find * * you. * **************************************************************************** Get the stuff from the chest, then go to the door and hit the switch. It short-circuits, and you get another message. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The door's jammed. Blast around it, if you can. * **************************************************************************** Take out your Rocket Launcher or Remote Charges and blast the wall to the left or right of the door to get to the other side. Walk down this new area to the bottom. **************************************************************************** * Eos: There are squads of miners somewhere ahead of you, Parker. Try to * * link up with them. * **************************************************************************** LOADING ***************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Careful down here, Parker. This mine section was abandoned years* * ago and its none too stable. * ***************************************************************************** Walk down carefully to the first piece of rock, then jump down. You'll land in the water. Swim to the other side and climb the hill. At the top of the hill, turn left and follow the path with the red lights. At the top, walk to the end and drop down to the platform. Continue to the bottom of this ramp. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There are more groups of miners moving toward you. Eos must be * * after something important. * **************************************************************************** LOADING **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, we need your help. We're trying to knock out an Ultor geo- * * thermal power plant in this sector. **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: If the power's knocked out, we can launch a major attack. But our * * squads are running into stiff resistance. * **************************************************************************** Hit the switch and go through the door. ***************************************************************************** * Eos: If you can help them take out the power plant, I can send more miners* * up to join you. * ***************************************************************************** In this new room, walk up the ramp, and follow it around to the back of the building. Go through this short hallway. LOADING When the load is finished, continue through the hallway to a metal catwalk. When the catwalk curves left, go straight. Walk across and then jump onto the rocks where you see a tube touching them. Walk into the tube, follow it up, then jump into the shaft. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker! One of my squads is pinned down inside the ventilation * * system. Can you help them out? * **************************************************************************** Crawl through the shaft to the end. You emerge in a big room. Walk up the ramp in the middle to the very top. Hit the switch, then jump into the bowl that just began moving. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There should be a ventilation opening in here that'll take you * * to the miners I spotted. * **************************************************************************** As the bowl raises, you will pass a spinning fan. Jump out of the bowl and pass through the fan when there's an opening in the blades. Follow this vent shaft. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a route past the old rock crusher that should get you to* * the power plant, Parker. * **************************************************************************** You will see another fan. Crawl through when you can, being careful to not fall, as it is fatal. When through, go to your left and climb the ladder to the next catwalk. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker? I've lost touch with everyone else up there. I think * * you're all we have left. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Until the power's cut to Ultor's monitoring systems, they know every* * move we make. We're getting mowed down. I hope you can do it, Parker. * **************************************************************************** Keep climbing until you get to the fan with the label "Rock Crusher." To get through, climb to the very top, then jump on the fan base, walk on the pipes, then jump down to the next fan. This is the one you want. Crawl through when you can. Walk down, kill the lonely guard, and then wait for it to load. LOADING At the end of the shaft, jump to the rocks. Walk to the yellow machine and throw the switch. Walk around the machine, climb the ladder, and make your way to the other side of the crusher to pick up the Sniper Rifle. Jump back down to the mine floor and continue down the hallway with white lights. You come to a bridge that is retracted. Using your new rifle, shoot the switch on the other side to extend the bridge, then cross it. Keep going down the hallway to a door. Enter the door, kill the guard, then hit the switch to the next door. LOADING Walk down two sets of half-spiral stairs, and enter a door at the far end. Enter the next door, kill the two guards, then man the turret. Kill two or three guards that come through the door, then let go of the turret and walk into the door behind it. Kill the guard in the control booth. There is health in the control room if you need it. If not, enter the door, ignoring the ladder down. LOADING You are now in the plant, where you have to do five things to destroy the plant. Open the door. A miner gets shot. Kill the guards, turn left, and proceed through the halls. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Hendrix says you made it into the geothermal plant. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: There are five facilities to sabotage -- turbines, water control, * * water reclamation, lava control, and the main controls. * **************************************************************************** First, destroy the turbines. To get there, walk straight ahead, go down the ramp, and then go through the first door on the left. Walk down, then walk all the way around to the other side where a piece of dirty yellow machinery is. Activate the valve. Return through the door you came in, and head right. Go to the Lava Control room now. Head right from the turbine room, back up the ramp, turn right, turn left, go down the ramp, then enter the door. In this room, walk through the opening in the grate, turn left, and activate the valve at the end. Go back to the door, follow the ramp up, then turn left at the fork to head to the Water Control room. In this room, walk to the right and go down the ladder. Kill the guard, then jump across the water to the console on the other side, and hit the switch. Head out the door you came through, and continue straight. When you get to a fork, turn left. Go the way you went to get to the Turbine Room, but ignore the door you went through. Follow the ramp up, past the sandbags, turn left, and walk down this hall. **************************************************************************** * Eos: The tech in the main control room is on our side. Once you've * * sabotaged the other four systems, get in there and he'll know what to do.* **************************************************************************** When you get to an area that lets you go left, straight or right, go left. Walk down the stairs and enter the door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Destroy both pump stations. That'll force even more water into * * the system. * **************************************************************************** Place a Remote Charge on the pipes, the big, ugly orange things, and detonate them. The floor in front of each pump is labeled "INFLOW PUMP" and "OUTFLOW PUMP". Once both are destroyed, go back out the door, walk up the stairs, go past the door in the middle, down more stairs, and into the main control room. The friendly tech calls to you. Walk down the ramps to the bottom and listen to what the tech has to say. The button he refers to is right behind you. It is a black button with a yellow border, and is on a console surrounded by four yellow/orange monitors. Hit the button when he shouts "Go!" Walk back to the top, out the door, up the stairs, and go through that door in the center you ignored before. Follow this long ramp down to the submarine bay. LOADING Open the door. To enter the control station, place a Remote Charge somewhere and detonate it to blow a hole, allowing you in. Activate the switch to lower the sub. If, for some reason, you wasted your explosives, climb the orangy girder to activate a manual release button. Either way, get in the sub when it drops. Follow the underwater path that is lit by white lights. You will have to fight a couple of enemy subs along the way. You will also have to face a shark. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Ultor has an underwater lab somewhere down there. If you can get * * inside, I've got a job for you. * **************************************************************************** LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You should see the research center in the cavern ahead. * **************************************************************************** When you come across the research facility, pilot the sub into the round docking bay. There is another enemy sub to fight. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, I want you to grab someone. I need you to go to Admin and * * kidnap Gryphon, Ultor's Deputy Administrator. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: I think Gryphon knows about the Plague. Once we have him, we can * * wring some answers out of him. * **************************************************************************** Once you've docked, exit the sub and swim out of the water. Kill the guards, enter the door, kill the tech, then climb down the ladder on the floor. To reveal the ladder, walk toward it. At the bottom, turn right and enter the door at the end. Kill the guards, then begin walking down the tram tracks. A tram approaches with two guards on it. Kill them. **************************************************************************** * Eos: There's a miner waiting for you by the stairs to Admin. Put on the * * suit he gives you; it's the only way you'll reach Gryphon. * **************************************************************************** Continue down the tracks to the next platform, then go through the door. Walk straight, and go behind the pillar, behind the stairs. The miner will give you a business suit, but will take all your weapons except for your pistol with 16 rounds of ammo. With your new attire, head up the stairs. LOADING This is the first area where you must use stealth. Don't get too close to the guards, or they will recognize you. To get by them, you can walk backwards, walk with your view pointed straight down or straight up, or walk sideways, looking at a wall. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This is a high-security area. Be careful. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Keep your weapon hidden, and don't get too close to anyone. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Watch out for cameras. If you get too close, a tech might * * recognize you. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: And if you have to kill someone, hide the body! * **************************************************************************** Enter the door at the top, and you are in a small room with a tech. Enter the door next to the tech. You are now in the office complex. Head to the right, toward the stairs. Walk up the stairs to the top. Ignore both doors, and continue down, remembering not to make eye contact with the guard (literally). **************************************************************************** * Eos: Remember, Parker, we want Gryphon alive. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Miners are dying of the Plague down here. If Gryphon knows anything* * about it, we have to get it out of him. * **************************************************************************** When you get to an area with a central staircase and three doors, one to the left, center, and right, head toward the central stairs. Walk down them. At the bottom, turn left, and head to the door slightly behind you. Run through the cubicles to get to the elevator on the other side of the room. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Gryphon's office is on the third floor of the Admin area, Parker* **************************************************************************** LOADING When the elevator arrives, you are in a big room with two staircases and a middle hallway. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Take the lower hallway, that leads to the left. I have a * * surprise for you, but hurry up! * **************************************************************************** Follow his instructions. Take the middle hallway and take the left branch. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Go through the door to your left. * **************************************************************************** Avoid the guards, and enter the first door on the left. Ah... you finally get to meet this Hendrix in person. Leave his office, then turn left. Follow this hallway, turn right, then turn left again to get to another elevator. This takes you to the third floor. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, do you have Gryphon yet? * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: I'm sending a squad to meet you and bring Gryphon down here. * **************************************************************************** LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This is exec land. Be extra careful in here. Security is very * * tight. * **************************************************************************** When the elevator stops, head through the archway, turn left and climb the stairs. Run down this hall to the door on your left and go through. You are in a security checkpoint. Go all the way to the right end of the room, then pull out your pistol, activate fine aim mode, and kill the guy with a head shot. Pick up the body and move it into the storage room at the back. If you want, you can destroy each security monitor, which disables the camera system. Head to the door, leave, and turn left, continuing down the hall. Be careful of the guards, and enter the archway beyond the black guard to get to the offices. Gryphon's office is the one beyond the double doors to your right. It is marked with a plaque: Deputy Administrator Gryphon. Enter the door to the waiting room. Don't worry about the secretary; just walk into the office and watch a custscene. NOTE: Don't worry if Gryphon doesn't follow you right away. As soon as you are far enough ahead and heading in the right direction, he will run up to you. After the cutscene, follow Gryphon into the waiting room. To get out of here alive, head through the double doors. See the guard to your right, by the archway? You have to go there. To get around him, walk around the fountain and crouch through the archway on the other side. Once past the guard, walk down the hallway. You come to a fork; a hallway to the right, a ramp down to the left. Take the ramp. NOTE: You may have to shoot some guards. It's okay to kill people now, because your almost out; just don't let Gryphon get caught in the crossfire, or the game is over. Walk down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, ignore the elevator. Head right and walk toward the small door. Pick up a couple weapons in here, including the EnviroSuit, and press the switch next to the door. LOADING Once the door is open, head through it and walk toward the forcefield. Gryphon will open it. Go through the forcefield, and you will be in an area with another force field and a few guards. Kill them all. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This guy's playing some angle, Parker. Don't let your guard * * down. * **************************************************************************** Hit the switch to the right of the black, circular tube. Climb up the ladder, kill the guard, and hit both switches on the console. There is health in here if needed, as well as some Grenades. Climb down and go through the now open forcefield. Run down this pathway to a door, and open it to enter the bot repair shop. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You're in the bot repair shops now, Parker. Eos's squad should * * meet you soon. * **************************************************************************** Enter the door, and you will be in a room with two guards. Kill both, then go to the door at the back right. From the door, turn left, and head toward the small platform. Hit the switch to ascend to the control room. Grab the items from the right of the console, then hit both switches. Go back down the elevator, turn left, and head through the door at the back right. Follow this pathway up and to the left. LOADING When the loading is complete, walk up a bit further, and an elevator door will rise, revealing a guard. Kill him, then climb the ladder. Get the health if needed, then hit the switch that is labeled "MAIN DOOR." Go back down the ladder, turn left, and go through the big door at the end. Kill the guards in this room, then head through the crates in the middle to the back left. Gryphon will open up a hidden door, revealing another path. Take the path and follow it as it curves to the right. You come across another checkpoint, and as Gryphon attempts to wave you through, a sentry fires at him. He runs back and tells you you'll have to blast you. Open the yellow door. Toss a grenade at the wall of the control booth to blow open a hole, and then walk through that hole to kill the guards. When they are both dead, hit the two switches beside the medical box. Avoid the sentry at all costs, because it is powerful. Get the health if needed, then turn around and hit the yellow switch to open the door. Gryphon comes running in. When he's in, hit the switch again to close the door and open the other side. Gryphon runs onto an elevator; follow him. Halfway down, you get attacked. As soon as the elevator lands, run to the Fighter and board it. If you're fast enough, Gryphon won't get killed. If not, then, you saved closeby, right? When you're in the Fighter, kill all the guards in this area. When everyone is dead, fly into the opening in the top of the room. LOADING NOTE: This part is very picky. If you don't kill EVERYTHING, the game won't let you advance, and some of the guards are difficult to see in the foggy atmosphere. Keep flying upward, and you will arrive in a mine area. Follow the red lights to get to your destination. There are five enemy fighters you must take out on your way. When you reach a wide, squared area, you're almost there. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, clear out this area before you try to land. * **************************************************************************** When all the enemies are dead, fly low to the ground, near the door, and press X, and the game will take over. When the small cutscene is finished, you are facing a switch. Press it. LOADING When the elevator stops, get out and walk to the left, down the ramp. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This is Ultor's main trash disposal facility, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I can't see Orion's group on my monitors anymore. * **************************************************************************** At the bottom of the ramp, continue straight, going up the ramp. At the top, go left, walk a bit, then go left again into the incinerator area. Don't hit the switches yet, and save your game. Turn around, go right, walk straight, and go through the door. You encounter a huge robot who can't be killed with your current weapons. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That's an Ultor Personnel Suppression combot. I didn't know * * they had any on Mars! * **************************************************************************** The trick here is to lure the robot to the bottom area of the incinerator room. To get him to follow you, attack him, then back up, and keep attacking so he will stay on you. If you have a Riot Shield, you can equip it to protect against the bullets and rockets he fires. If the thing hits you, he will knock off 50-60 points of health and armor. Lead him to the bottom of the incinerator room and get him to hover over the middle part. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a disposal pit at the lowest point of this level. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Try to lure the bot out onto the pit's covering, then open the * * doors from the control room. * **************************************************************************** Once he's there, climb the ladder, then open the switch labeled "INCINERATOR DOOR" first, then the "FAN CONTROL" switch. This will cause the robot to be sucked down and destroyed in the flames. When it's dead, a cutscene will take over, where Gryphon is being handed over to other miners. When the cutscene is over, head back to the room the Combot was in. You can find a lot of good equipment in here. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, you're not far from Ultor's science and medical labs. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The labs are heavily guarded, and Capek is a very nasty creature* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a vent that leads to the labs, but you're not going to * * like it. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: It's inside the disposal pit. There's an access ladder that * * leads down to it. * **************************************************************************** After you've gotten the gear, go back to the incinerator, and open the incinerator door. When it's open, walk to the right side of it, along the wall, and descend the ladder. You only have a short time before the door shuts again. At the bottom of the ladder, jump into the vent shaft and follow it. LOADING You are still in the vent. Crawl through it until you reach the exit. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You're somewhere above the med labs now, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Try to pick a quiet spot to come down out of the vent. * **************************************************************************** When you reach a grate at a dead end, shoot it, then jump down into the room. A nurse leaves, and a black man is laying on a bed. Exit the room. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You'll need a lab coat or you'll have every guard in here down * * on you. * **************************************************************************** NOTE: This part can be played out both ways. You can go the stealthy route by getting the lab coat, but you'll be giving up all your weapons again, except the pistol, or you can do it rambo style, killing all the guards you see. For the sake of this walkthrough, and my personal preference, I am going the stealth route. When you exit the room, go to the right and enter the small office. Grab the white coat on the rack. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Don't count on that disguise too much though. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Anyone who gets a good look at you could recognize you. * **************************************************************************** Leave this room, and continue straight down the hall. Go up the ramp and through the door into a central area. Go straight through this area, until you see two large doors, one with guards. Go through the door NOT guarded. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, Gryphon's told us a lot more than we ever wanted to know * * about the Plague. * **************************************************************************** In this new room, walk down the first ramp to your right. **************************************************************************** * Eos: You have to grab Capek. He's the key to the whole thing. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Don't kill him -- hundreds of miners' lives depend on it! * **************************************************************************** At the bottom of the ramp, go through the large door to your left. Go up the ramp and enter the small door at the top. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Capek'll be in the science labs, past the med labs. * **************************************************************************** In this room, go through the small door to your right. Two doctors are chatting in here. Go through another small door to an operating room. Walk by the table to the large door on the left. Walk down the ramp, and turn right at the bottom, through the large door. Head to the next door down the stairs. LOADING Enter the large door. You are now in an area that is heavily guarded; more so than you've seen. Walk forward and enter the small door to the left. Your cover will be blown soon, no matter what, so just make a mad dash for the door in front of you, and follow the hallway until you reach a room with a blue-tiled floor, and a small door to your left. Go straight to the next door, ignoring the side room completely. In this small hallway, continue to the next door. LOADING When the load is finished, head through the door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, I've been studying the labs' security system. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a security door you have to pass to reach Capek's lab. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The medical lab administrator should have a passcard. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: His office is in the middle of the complex. * **************************************************************************** In this room, there are two or three guards. If you think you can kill them all without setting off the alarm, good; go for it. When all the guards are dead (or not), walk to the open archway. Go through the small door, then through another small door. You will probably have to kill everyone in this room, because the guards are everywhere, and it's nigh impossible to sneak by. When they're all dead, climb the stairs, then the ramp, and run to the door at the far end of the hall. Kill the guy sitting on the chair, and he will drop the keycard. Grab it, then leave. Head back to the main room, then turn right and go to the door that is labeled "RESTRICTED ACCESS." Go through to the middle of the hall. LOADING Head through the open doorway. Go through the door and take the elevator down. When you're on the lower level, follow the purple tinted hall to the left and through the small door up the stairs. Run up the ramp to the left, and head toward the door. You finally meet Capek. Unfortunately, due to his nanotechshield, your bullets won't harm him. He'll run through the door. You should do the same. Follow this small pathway to the small door, then head toward the large door. Hit the switch to open it. Walk into the new room and walk right next to the door. You get a pistol with 125 rounds. Hit the switch. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Capek headed out that way, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I can't see into this area. There aren't any security cameras * * here. * **************************************************************************** Walk down the path until you emerger into an open area. You see another path directly across from you with white lights. Turn right and follow this narrow walkway. You can see the purple tint from Capek as he rounds a corner. Keep following him. You encounter a new enemy; reapers. The first one you see is a baby version, and can be killed with two pistol shots. The next is an adult version and takes seven to eight to kill, or one shotgun blast. Pick up the stuff from the dead guard, and continue until you're back in the open area. Be careful, because a guard across the way has a rocket launcher. Make your way around to the right. **************************************************************************** * Capek: I see you Parker. I will deal with you later. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Perhaps you might even be persuaded to join one of my * * experiments? * **************************************************************************** Turn right into the next hallway and follow it. LOADING Continue through the hallway until you come to a room filled with water. You notice Capek as he floats through a doorway above and to your left. Don't shoot him yet; you're bullets have no effect. Swim to the other side, climb onto the small platform, then jump into another batch of water. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Orion got Gryphon to the Red Faction base, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Eos should be picking his brain right now. * **************************************************************************** You must float until you are forced to go under, and when you do, swim straight across to the next area of rock, where you can see a little hole at the top and slightly to the left. Swim through this. Eventually, you begin to see dry land. Step onto this dry land and kill the welcoming guard. Continue up this small ramp. **************************************************************************** * Capek: "Where could we be going?" I hear you wonder. Soon you will know * * Parker. * **************************************************************************** You are on a small walkway overlooking another water-filled room. Stay on this walkway, and follow it to a doorway to your right. Go through this doorway and contine following, going through the narrow path. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, Gryphon says Capek knows how to cure the Plague. * **************************************************************************** Walk forward until you come to an open area. **************************************************************************** * Eos: I'm coming up there to help you. * **************************************************************************** Turn right at the top, and follow the pathway marked with white lights. There will be a doorway to your right; take it. Follow this small hall and drop down. There are quite a few of those Reaper bugs here. At the bottom, turn right and follow the hall until you reach a room with shooting jets off steam. Make your way through the bugs and steam to your left to reach a ramp. To get up here, you have to jump. Follow this narrow hallway, and you come to more bugs and a dead guard. Grab the Flamethrower from the guard and keep going. LOADING Continue down the hall. A reaper will attack from the opening to your left. Kill it and grab the armor from the corpse, then continue down the hallway. You wind up in an open area with a waterfall. Continue on the ledge to the doorway at the end. Go through. You will have to kill a lot of Reapers in here. Make your way to the ramp to the right. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, I have an idea where Capek is headed. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: For years, there've been rumors of some sort of secret facility * * deep underground. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: It's not in the main Ultor security network, so I don't know * * what's there. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I'm going to try to hack into the facility's systems from here. * **************************************************************************** You are back in the room with the waterfall. Continue traversing the ledge. There is a doorway to your right that you should go through. This circling room leads you to a small water area. Swim to the other side, mindful of the bug. See the spotlights pointing toward the top of the waterfall? Walk around to the other side of the waterfall and you will see a doorway. Go through. You are almost to Capek. Walk through this hall. You will have to battle a couple of bots. You wind up in a big room with a gate. Kill the remaining bots in here, then hit the switch to open the gate. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Ah, Parker. So you made it past my little guards. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Welcome to my zoon, Parker. Feel free to pet the animals. They * * won't bite. * **************************************************************************** Continue through the hallway to the loading point. LOADING Once you have control, continue through the pathway until you come to the main room. **************************************************************************** * Capek: You have arrived at an excellent time, Parker. Feeding time! * **************************************************************************** In this room, there are a bunch of guards. You have three ways to deal with them: 1) Kill them with your weapons 2) Get in the ATV at the left rear end and run them over 3) Man the gun on the back of the ATV I prefer option two, so run to the ATV, get in, and mow them down. While still in the ATV, drive through the tunnel to the left, up the ramp, then down the ramp. If you stay and kill all the bugs, Capek sends you a message. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Not to worry, Parker. Those specimens were a failed batch anyway.* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: I have plenty of scientists to assist me, Parker. A few less * * matter not at all. * **************************************************************************** NOTE: Why can guards outrun an ATV going downhill? Hmm... When you arrive in another room, get out of the ATV. Walk through the small doorway to your right as you enter the room. You are on a metal catwalk. Walk forward, turn left, and look through the glass. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Look closely, Parker. Do you recognize any old friends? * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Not every specimen reacts favorably to nanotech injections. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: But, no matter, even the failures teach us something. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: In the advancement of science, anyone, even you, Parker, can serve* * a useful purpose. * **************************************************************************** Hit the switch on the console, then turn around, shoot out the glass, and jump through. As soon as you land, the ex-miners will attack. They're easy to kill, so use your pistol. When they're dead, head to the end. You have a choice between left and right. Go right. At the end of a long hallway, you reach the next section. LOADING Continue down the hallway to an open area with a bunch of steam coming from the ground. Kill the guards, especially the one chucking grenades, then grab the items from the back right of the building. When you've got everything, continue through the hallway. You are now in a lighter-colored area. Walk around the catwalk, kill the rocket toting guard, and continue down the passage. You arrive at a bridge, with a missing center. **************************************************************************** * Capek: I must be going now, Parker. Enjoy your stay with my exhibits. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Maybe you'll have the honor of joining them someday soon. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Perhaps we will meet again, Parker. You should hope not. * **************************************************************************** Walk to the edge, and look down into the water. Kill the thing swimming there, then jump into it. Follow the underwater passage marked with white lights. LOADING Continue through the passage. You will see a hole up near the middle. Swim up and climb onto the surface. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Ah, I see you have reached my submarine bay. Go ahead, Parker. * * Take a ride. * **************************************************************************** Hit the switch on the console to drop the sub, then jump into it. Pilot the sub to the passage that you ignored earlier, to your left now. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker! I did it! I cracked into the security network for * * Capek's secret labs. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That's where he's heading, Parker. There's a huge research * * facility down there. * **************************************************************************** On your way, you will encounter an enemy sub. Take it out and continue. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I can't reach Eos. I left a message with Orion in case she * * checks in. * **************************************************************************** Keep following this underwater tunnel. LOADING When the load is done, keep piloting, upwards slightly, and make sure you always follow the white lights. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You won't believe the things that've been going on in this lab, * * Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This is the source of the Plague, that's for sure. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Capek's been working on nanotechnology, testings its effects on * * living beings. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Animals or humans -- Capek doesn't care. The Plague is his * * creation. Be very careful, Parker. * **************************************************************************** You emerge in a big area. Get out of the submarine and surface. There are a few guards to kill here. When all are dead, walk up the rocks. You will see an opening to your left. Approach it, and hit the switch. **************************************************************************** * Capek: No, Parker, I will not make it that easy. * **************************************************************************** Since you can't go that way, turn around and head toward the opening in the wall. Walk down the path until you see any icy opening to your right. Go through the bars into this opening. Be careful walking in here, because you will slide around. **************************************************************************** * Capek: This is the feeding shoot, Parker. Something is hungry. * **************************************************************************** At the very bottom of this tunnel, you drop into an open area, where a huge worm is awaiting your arrival. To kill it, fire Rockets near it's mouth, then use your Assault Rifle to finish it off (if you run out of Rockets). Of course, you don't have to kill it, so you can run to the door at the end of the room, behind the worm if you like. Unfortunately, he might hit you with his arms (if you can call them arms) which takes more damage than the Combot did. When it's dead (or not), run through the doorway (ignore the switch). **************************************************************************** * Capek: Come, Parker. I am waiting for you. * **************************************************************************** LOADING When you've got control, head down the passage. You wind up at a bridge. Cross the bridge, then enter the big door in front of you. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Welcome to my domain, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: I trust you will find it to your liking... * **************************************************************************** After the next airlock door, there is a sentry. Avoid it, and run to the small door to the right. Get the health from the locker if needed, then return to the main room. There is another sentry further down, but the most you can do is run and avoid them. Run through the big door at the end and descend the elevator. There are two guards waiting for you at the bottom. Kill them, then approach the door. LOADING After the load, go through the door. You are now in a room with lots of doors. Go through the big door to your immediate left. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Who knows, Parker? These might have once been friends of yours. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: So hard to tell now, is it not? * **************************************************************************** After the second message, the cell doors open, and you have to kill all the ex-miners. Use your pistol; they're too easy to waste good ammo on. When they're dead, go through the large door at the end. At the end of this hallway is a door with two guards. Kill the guards, then go through the door. You are now in a huge room. Go to your immediate left, all the way to the other side, and out the big door. Walk up the two ramps to the silver door at the top. Go through the door into the medical lab, then walk straight across to the next large door. There are two guards to kill here, as well as an elevator to ride. LOADING You'd be wise to save here, as you are about to fight Capek soon. You will have to deal with guards before you get to him. Take your time, and try to get head shots. You want to have as much health, ammo, and armor as possible when confronting him. Enter the door and kill all the guards. See the glass in front of you? Guards from the ground floor will try to shoot you through it, but don't worry; a protective case slides down over the glass. Walk around this room and enter the small door. You might want to save before entering the door. On the other side, there is a guard to your immediate left. Don't let him get a shot on you. Walk down the ramps to the very bottom. **************************************************************************** * Capek: You are entering my inner sanctum now, Parker. Enjoy your last * * few minutes of normal life. * **************************************************************************** At the bottom, go through the door. There are four or five guards here to be killed. Once they are all dead, the center pillar lowers, and Capek appears. This is your toughest fight yet. **************************************************************************** * Capek: Ah, together again, Parker. This time, I shall not be so * * merciful. * **************************************************************************** You may be tempted to use rockets and explosives, but DON'T! His shield is immune to that (for now). Use regular guns, starting with the Assault Rifle, and weaken him. Strafe around his energy balls. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Capek! Give us the antidote for the Plague and we'll let you live! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Alas, my dear, you have no say in who lives or dies here. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Capek: Fools! You cannot begin to understand the forces I control! * **************************************************************************** When Capek is dead, a cutscene will take over. Parker, being his badass self, would kill Capek if Eos hadn't interfered. He tells you about the antidote and how to stop the replicators, but dies. When the cutscene is over, you have to get out of here. Run up the large ramp to the right, and go through the small door at the top, or jump through the hole. You only have 60 seconds, and there is no time, so hurry up. Through the door, there is a bunch of equipment to pick up lying against the mine wall. Grab it all, the continue down the corridor. You come to a fork; go either way. Enter the door at the end. Hit the switch to open the airlock door. LOADING After the load, continue running down the passage. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, Orion says Eos was planning to bring a computer disk to * * Ultor's Communications Center. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Eos had contacts in the Earth Defense Force. She thought they'd* * send a rescue fleet if we put out a distress call. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The Comm Center's at the end of this canyon. Let's deal with * * the canyon first, then look for a way up to the Comm Center. * **************************************************************************** You end up in a clearing. You see an ATV. Walk to the ATV and speak with the miner in the drivers seat. He gives you the disk, and tells you to man the rear-mounted turret. Your new friend will drive, and it's your job to take out the guards on the way. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Somewhere down there is a natural tunnel that Ultor used as an * * outflow pipe for the sewage system. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That's the only way up from the canyon floor. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: It was blocked by a landslide about six months ago, but Ultor * * cleared it off. * **************************************************************************** When the ATV comes to a stop, look behind you. You can see a bright opening from behind a boulder. Go there. Follow this narrow tunnel. LOADING After the load, keep following. You arrive in a large area with water. Jump into the water. Swim through the tunnel with all the sea weed. Watch out for the bugs when you get out of the water. Keep following the tunnel as it curves upward. You are now above the water you just swam through. Stay to the right, walking along the ledge. Cross the small bridge like rock to the next tunnel, with a red tint. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Got some more bad news for you, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Orion still hasn't heard from Eos, but that's not the really bad* * news. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Once you've sent the message from the Comm Center, we still have* * to get the fleet in here. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Ultor has a system of laser satellites orbiting Mars. They'll * * tear the fleet apart unless we disable them somehow. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a space station that controls the satellites. We've got* * to get you up there. * **************************************************************************** Follow this new tunnel until you exit it. You can see the vent shaft across from you. Make a running jump to the other side. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Still no word from Eos. I don't think she made it. * **************************************************************************** Put a Remote Detonator on the mine wall next to the shaft and blow it. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: First Eos is lost, and now Ultor's sent in reinforcements. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: They've kept a regiment of mercenaries in reserve. Now they're * * coming out. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The mercs are led by Colonel Masako, a real nasty piece of work.* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: They're all butchers, and she's the worst of them. * **************************************************************************** With the hole blown, crawl through this long vent to the end. At the end, climb the ladder to the very top. You are on top of a small building. Jump down to where the techs are. Follow the passageway to the left, lit by white lights. LOADING After the load, follow the passage to a tram car. Climb the small stairs, hit the switch, then get in the tram. It will carry you to the comm center. There are guards at the other end. A good tactic is to use your Sniper Rifle to pick them off from the tram. When it docks, get off, and head through the passage. Go through the door. Hit the switch to unlock the next door. LOADING Go through the newly opened door, and then go through a dirty, small door. Take the elevator to the top. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You're in, Parker. Now for the hard part. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The console you need to reach is at the highest level of the * * Comm Center. * **************************************************************************** When the elevator stops, go through the doors. Ignore the small door to your left, under the red light, and head toward the open doorway. Enter the door beyond. Walk forward a little, and turn left. There is a door here, with a sentry on the ceiling. Run by the sentry so you can get in the door. There are two guards behind sandbags here. Kill them and proceed. When you reach the end, you overlook a big room, surrounded by guards. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker! There are mercenaries in the Communications Center! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: They're starting to appear all over the complex, taking over * * the security guards. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: They're killing every miner and guard they see. * **************************************************************************** Walk along the ledge to the right, and enter the door at the far end. In this room, enter the first door on your left. You will see another door in front of you. Approach it. LOADING Walk through this door, by hitting the switch, then take the elevator up. At the top, you are in a big room. There are a lot guards here, and one behind the control area. Kill them all, then climb the long staircase that is right next to the elevator. This leads you to another control room. In this room, press a button, except for the one in the middle to get a message from Hendrix. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The console you want is under the windows that look out onto the* * transmission dish. * **************************************************************************** Listen to him. Return to the main area, and look for a control box under a sign labeled "SATELLITE CONTROL." Hit it. A cutscene takes over. When the cutscene is finished, two mercs come in. Kill them, but be careful from now on. Some guards are carrying Rail Drivers, and getting hit by one means good night. Return to the main floor and run to the door to the right of the elevator. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The airlock at the tower's base is open now. I hacked into the * * security system and overrode its locks. * **************************************************************************** LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Remember the miners on the shuttle that got blown up? * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: To get you to the space station safely, we need to take out * * Ultor's missile defense system. * **************************************************************************** When the level loads, head straight out into the open area. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The tram tunnels go to Missile Command. There's an entrance to * * the tunnels through this canyon. * **************************************************************************** Follow it as it curves to the right. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The mercs have fortified this area. Keep moving and keep your * * head down! * **************************************************************************** Be careful in this area. Mercs are everywhere, and they're carrying Heavy Machine Guns and Rail Drivers. The turrets at the far end are firing explosive rounds. Don't fire at them, because they're too well armored, and don't stand still, because they'll get you for sure. Constantly move, duck from rock to rock, and run to the door underneath the turrets. In this room, head straight to the door. On the other side of this airlock is the door outta here. LOADING Walk to the small door in front of you and open it. You are now in the tramway. Walk left down the tracks until you come to a door on your left. You are in a small security area. Kill the guard, then go through the next door and be prepared to fight a lot, A LOT, of mercs. When they are all dead, hop onto the tram. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, Eos here. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: I found the antidote formula and got out of there. Glad to see you * * made it out too. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: We've got people synthesizing the antidote now. Then we'll see if * * it works. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: But you've gotta get up to that space station and disable the laser * * satellite network. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: If that defense system is still working when the EDF fleet shows up,* * they'll get blown out of the sky. * **************************************************************************** The tram stops at another platform, just in time for five mercs to attack you. One of them is carrying a Fusion Rocket Launcher. Needless to say, haul ass out of that cramped tram. When they're dead, get back on the tram and take it to another platform. Before you reach the station, a tram on the opposite tracks will catch up with you. Two mercs are here, one with an Assault Rifle, the other with a Rail Driver. They must both be killed before the tram will stop. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The Command Center's at the back of this building. Hurry! * **************************************************************************** More guards. Murder, kill, maim. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I've jammed the missile bay doors closed. All you have to do is* * send the launch signal. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The missiles will explode in their launch bays and destroy that * * part of the complex. * **************************************************************************** Head into the door to the right, the one without a picture of circle. Go into the door at the back of the room, into another door, and hit the switch to raise the large door. Get out of the control room and go to the now opened door. There is a sentry here, so run through this small hallway quickly. Turn right, and run to the small door at the end of the room, right next to the colored pipes. This is a coffee room, and you can restock a little. Leave this room, turn left, and hit the switch to open the large door. Kill the guards in here, then proceed through the small door. Walk to the console in the middle of the room, between the two windows, and hit the switch. A cutscene will play. When it's over, you have 30 seconds to get back to the tram, or you die in the explosion. Also, you will encounter a tech coming toward you when you leave the room. Kill him, or he'll stop the launch, and you will again lose. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Run, Parker! Get to the tram and get out of there! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The whole area's gonna blow! * **************************************************************************** Once on the tram, it speeds toward another door. Congratulations on your survival. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, are you still there? Stop standing around and get * * going! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I'm putting a countdown timer for the shuttle liftoff on yourHUD* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That's how much time you have to reach it. You can still make * * it if you hurry. * **************************************************************************** You have approximately 10 minutes to complete this level, or you lose. Crouch and jump out the tram window to the floor below. Kill all the guards here, then hit the switch to open the door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This looks like some kind of motor pool. Check around -- a * * vehicle would get you to the shuttle a lot faster. * **************************************************************************** In the next room, kill all the guards. When they're gone, head up the stairway to your left. You are in an office. Hit the button, and the bay doors on the right side of the room will open, revealing an APC. Hop in. **************************************************************************** * Eos: The mercs are coming out hard. My squads are pinned down all over * * the complex. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Most of the miners outside our base are dead or hiding. * **************************************************************************** Drive straight out, then turn right and drive through the large door. Get out of the APC, and hit the switch next to the door. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Don't stop for anything, Parker. You don't have much time left.* **************************************************************************** When the load is complete, jump back into the APC and continue through the door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The merc commander, Masako, is sending out a heavy weapons squad* * to stop you. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, please hurry. Our outlying guard posts are reporting * * skirmishes with merc squads. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: If the EDF doesn't get here soon, there's going to be nothing left. * **************************************************************************** At the end of the canyon, you see a bunker. Get out of the APC, hit the switch, and go inside. Hit the switch next to the door. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Hurry, Parker! They're starting to seal up the shuttle bay. * **************************************************************************** After the load, go through the door. Walk straight, and go through the door on the left wall; the first door you see. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: This is the cargo loading system. * **************************************************************************** You are now on a catwalk. Follow it straight and take the ladder down. Jump onto the conveyor and follow the one leading AWAY from the shaft. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You might be able to sneak in through the loading docks. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Hurry, they're sealing the doors into the loading dock! * **************************************************************************** Turn left when you emerge in a room and take the small elevator. When you get off the elevator, turn left and open the large door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker -- find a place to hide before the shuttle takes off. * * Hurry! * **************************************************************************** Run to the back end of this room and hit the button to start the elevator. When you get off, turn left, and follow the grating to a panel in the floor marked with the weird circle symbol. Jump down and run to the back. Wait a second, and a cutscene will show the shuttle departing. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You've gotta disable Ultor's planetary defense system before the* * fleet reaches Mars, or they'll be toast. * **************************************************************************** After the load, climb the ladder back into the shuttle area. Take the elevator back down, or jump down, and proceed to the big door. Go through it, and walk straight to the end, to the gold door. Go through it, kill the bot, and go through the one to your right, labeled "REACTOR." Kill the guard, then go through the door to your left. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: You're in the reactor section now, Parker. * **************************************************************************** Kill the guard in here, then return to the room, turn left, and walk toward the door at the end of the hall. Enter the door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The command center is up this shaft. The escape pods and labs * * are down the shaft. * **************************************************************************** Go UP the ladder. At the top, enter the door into a new hallway. Run straight to the door at the far end. LOADING Enter the door. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, Ultor has received a message from the incoming EDF fleet* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: It was encoded, so I don't know what it said, but they're * * panicking down here. * **************************************************************************** Climb the ladder to the first landing, and enter the door labeled "SECURITY". **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: They're destroying documents and computer systems. And the merc* * docking bays are swarming with activity. * **************************************************************************** Enter the door on your right. Walk down this short hall, and turn right, following the hall to the big room. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The laser satellites are controlled from this room and the next * * one. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Each computer controls part of the defensive grid. Take out all* * eight computers to disable the system. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, are the defenses down yet? The mercs are in our base, * * coming from all directions! * **************************************************************************** Kill all the guards in here, then destroy the four computers. **************************************************************************** * Eos: Parker, Hendrix...base overrun...fighting retreat...falling apart...* **************************************************************************** When the four computers are toast, climb the ladder between the two computers on the right, and enter the door. In this next room, kill the guards, then destroy four more computers. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The defense system is down temporarily. The only way to * * permanently disable it is to destroy the station. * **************************************************************************** Return to the long ladder in the circular shaft and climb it even higher, to a door marked "SECURITY." Enter it, and head through the door to your left. You are now in a hallway with doors lining both sides. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Look for overrides to open the station's doors. * **************************************************************************** The switch you need to activate is located through the second door on the left. Hit it. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: That did it! The station's lower section should be open now. * **************************************************************************** Return to the hallway and climb the ladder down all the way to the bottom. Enter the door at the bottom, and continue down the corridor. LOADING After the load, enter the door and climb down the ladder to the first landing. Enter the blue door, then run straight across to the other door. Now run to the next door. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker. I've lost contact with the Red Faction base. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: I can't raise Eos, Orion, or anyone else there. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There are miners scattered all over the complex. I'm trying to * * contact them and gather them together. * **************************************************************************** Climb the ladder all the way down, and enter the door marked "ESCAPE POD." Make sure the door is open, then return to the ladder and climb all the way back to the top and through the door. Run down the hall to the door at the end. LOADING Go through the door into the orange lit shaft. Climb the ladder to the first landing, and go through the door. Go through the sliding door to your right, labeled "REACTOR." In this room, walk through the next door to get to the actual reactor. Go around to the back of the reactor and climb the ladder all the way to the bottom. Don't go into the water, because it will hurt you. Walk along the ledges that are just above the water until you find a switch. Hit it, then climb the ladder up three floors. Hit this second switch to begin the overload process. You now have 90 seconds to get to the escape pod. Climb down the ladder one floor, and head for the door. Turn left, enter the door, then descend the ladder all the way to the bottom. Go through the door, then head to the door straight across from you. LOADING Go through the door. Climb the ladder all the way to the bottom. Go through the door marked "ESCAPE POD." Go through the second door. Go to the escape pod on the right, and hit the switch. LOADING Cutscene showing the station blow up. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, you still alive? I've sent some miners to the crash * * site to find you. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: They'll try to guide you to the merc base. We're in big trouble* **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The mercs have orders to evacuate the base and destroy the * * entire mining complex. * **************************************************************************** Hop out of the pod and walk to the miner. Do as he says and follow him. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The mercs didn't have to go after the Red Faction base. That * * was Colonel Masako's idea -- payback for all the trouble the miners * * caused. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: She led the assault. I overheard her radioing the merc base, * * reporting complete success. * **************************************************************************** When you reach an intersection, mercs ambush you, and the miner dies. Kill them, then take the right path of the intersection. Follow it around until you approach an area where miners are being killed. Run through this part and go through the tunnel at the other end. LOADING After the load, you will emerge in another open area, with a bridge in the distance and a battle between miners and mercs happening. Don't join them; run out and follow the path, all the way around to a tunnel on the other side. You wind up in an area with a rock bridge above you. DO NOT stop! Keep running to the other end, because the guy on the bridge has a Fusion Rocket Launcher. In this open area, turn left and head for the open doorway. Keep following the tunnels and you will eventually come to a loading screen. LOADING After the load, continue following the path. You see a merc on a bridge, who has a fusion. Avoid him and continue across. You come to a base, with two turrets and another fusion toting merc. Destroy the turrets with the rail driver use it to kill the merc from behind a wall. When they're all dead, head through the door. Follow this hallway around the bend and go through the large door. Hit the switch to open the door, but, wait! What's this? Green smoke? This can't be good. The last thing you hear is the laughter of some person... LOADING You awaken in a jail cell, with some miner across the way speaking to you. After a few seconds of talking, someone shouts out "Red Faction!" and unlocks the cells. He begins to ask "Whichever of you is Park-" and then gets shot. Run to grab the envirosuit in the back left, then grab the gun from the dead miner who freed you. Kill the guards, then walk down the hallway to the left of the sentry. Get the equipment from the middle building, then enter the elevator. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker, I'm in the merc command center. I can see you on the * * monitors. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: There's a squad of miners with me, but the whole base is * * crawling with mercs. * **************************************************************************** Leave the elevator, and walk down the hallway. Some doors off to the side hold equipment and mercs, but they don't have to be entered. At the very end of the hallway, there is a door. Enter it. You are on a small bridge. Cross it and approach the next door. LOADING Open the door. In this hallway, follow it around the left bend and take the room to your left. That guy is a miner; don't kill him. Walk around all the computers and talk to Hendrix. Return to the hall and take the elevator at the back end of the hall, to the right. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: The emergency shutoff should be on the lowest level of the * * generator room. * **************************************************************************** Leave the elevator and enter the first door on your left. Kill all the guards, then climb down to the lower level and hit the switch where it says "POWER". When you've done this, climb the ladder and race back up so you can kill the guards before they shoot Hendrix. **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Good work, Parker. The mainframes have powered down. They * * should come back up when the emergency generators kick in. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Here they go...I'm hacking in... * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Got it! I overrode the door locks. We're coming up -- wait * * outside the generator room for us. * **************************************************************************** Once Hendrix arrives, he will lead you to where you have to go, but will stop when there are enemies around. Kill all the guards and destroy the sentries in the rooms he leads you to. Destroy the sentries with the rail driver. When the room is clear, Hendrix will run in automatically. He'll run to the left of a big door and fiddle with some controls. Go through the big door that just opened, kill the guard, and approach the second door. LOADING **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Hurry, Parker -- run for the far doors. I'm going into the * * control room to help open things up for you. * **************************************************************************** Open the door, but be careful of the rail driver guard behind it. He may shoot you as you enter, ending your game. Enter the room, and Hendrix will run up the ramp. **************************************************************************** * Masako: Well, look at this -- Hendrix has finally come out of hiding! * **************************************************************************** When Hendrix reaches the control room, he activates a trap placed by Masako, and is killed by the resulting explosion. **************************************************************************** * Masako: Here's what mercs do to traitors, Hendrix! * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Hendrix: Parker...stop them...don't let Ultor get away with...it all... * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Masako: You seem to be almost out of friends, Parker. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Masako: Here come some of my friends to entertain you. * **************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** * Masako: I'd stay myself, but I have other matters to attend to. * **************************************************************************** Enter the door at the other end of the room, behind the shuttle, and follow the dank hallway. Enter the door at the end to the fighter room. Run up to the console in the small control room and hit the switch to release a fighter. The fighter takes a few moments to move along the rail and to finally land, so grab a book. When it lands, board it, and fly through the door in front of you. LOADING In this area, I prefer to stay low to the ground, so don't fly too high. You face more guards, but you don't have to deal with merc fighters. After they are all dead, jump out and pick up their weapons; you'll need it for the final battle. Make sure you're close to the ground when you jump out so you can jump back in. When all the weapons are collected, get back in the fighter and fly through the door. This room is another shuttle bay. Fly straight across to the exit at the other end. Don't worry about the guards here. After you reach the door, continue flying and killing in this hallway, simlar to the one you were just in, until you reach a fork; straight or right. Go right and through the door. In here are two more fighters you have to destroy. When both fighters are destroyed, Masako enters the battle. You must now fight here. If you manage to blow up her ship before your's does, your ship will be destroyed too. Stay close to the ground when fighting, because if your fighter is destroyed too high up, you will take damage from the height. When you're on the ground, select your Heavy Machine Gun and drain it's ammo first. After 150 or so shots from the HMG, her shield will break and she'll fall. If you feel brave, switch to the Rail Driver and go for a one shot kill when she's on the ground, or continue to use your automatic weapons. When she's dead, walk over to the bay doors, where she came from. Walk over to the left one and press the switch to descend underground. You see Eos tied under a window, sitting next to the bomb. Run up to her. Approach the bomb from the right hand side, opposite Eos, and activate it. LOADING You now have to enter two codes to disarm the bomb. You, of course, don't know the code, and there's no clue. It's all trial and error. But wait. I can help you with that! 1st Code: --------- CIRCLE CIRCLE SQUARE CIRCLE 2nd Code: --------- SQUARE TRIANGLE X CIRCLE SQUARE X CIRCLE If you enter the above two codes and they don't work, then the combination is random each time the level is played, and I can't help you. If they work, then congratulations! Enjoy the final cutscene, watch some boring credits, and go back to your life! =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [19] Secrets | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Fusion Rocket Launcher While Chasing Capek ------------------------------------------ When you're chasing Capek, Eos and Hendrix are talking to you. At one point, Eos says "Parker, Gryphon says Capek knows how to cure the Plague" and "I'm coming up there to help you." You are close. Directly in front of you at this point is a small pit filled with creatures, and steam shooting up. Clear out the pit and follow the path through to another pit full of the little creatures. Kill them, then look around the cavern walls. Along the bottom is a tiny crack in the wall. Blast it with an explosive, and go through. The pathway is very narrow and cramped. Once you exit it, you will be in a large open cave with a big hole in the center. In the middle of the hole is a circular pillar. Jump to it and stand there. You get FULL health and armor, a fuel canister for the flamethrower, and the Fusion Rocket Launcher. The path straight ahead is a dead end. Blow the wall, kill the monster, and you'll be in the big cavern with the waterfall. - Thanks to sfzero2 for the information Hidden Item Stash ----------------- After the part where you blow up the road that the APC is on, you take the path down to an opening with soldiers in it. After they are killed the lift will come down. Now, on accident I pushed the button beside the lift and watched ignorantly as it travelled back up, leaving me behind. But I noticed something in doing so. Behind the lift up along the wall was a hole. Making my way around the back side of the lift, I went up an incline to the hole and followed it to a large room full of water. Down in the deepest part of the water is a dead Red Faction soldier with an envirosuit, a health pak, and some ammo. This is good for anybody who's low on life, armor, and ammo. - Thanks to endeviguel_unknown for the information Roof In "The Lobby" (Multiplayer) --------------------------------- You can actually get up on the roof of the Lobby (where there is the giant skylight) to find a Fusion Rocket Launcher and a Rail Driver, as well as a great sniping spot. To get there, first go up to the second level of the area where you are able to pick up the Rocket Launcher. Next arm that weapon and aim for the corner of the wall where the skylight begins. Fire off rockets to punch a hole into the ceiling and the wall. Continue to fire rockets until you form a small alcove where you can then jump up onto the roof. Once you are up there, you can grab a Fusion Rocket Launcher at one end of the skylight, and a Rail Driver at the other end. - Thanks to Gillermo for the information =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [20] Cheat Codes | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Full Health ----------- During gameplay, press Select, then press UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, CIRCLE, CIRCLE All Weapons ----------- During gameplay, press Select, then press DOWN, DOWN, lEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, SQUARE, SQUARE Some people can get them to work, some can't. I don't guarantee the validity of these codes. =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [21] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Q: Why won't the Combot in the Trash Disposal Facility follow me? A: You must first damage it to a certain extent. When you get a message from Hendrix about leading it to the incinerator, you know it's hurt enough and will follow you without question. Send questions to: james@tscentral.net =========================================================================== |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | [22] Bugs/Glitches | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Sucidal Guard ------------- At the beginning of the game, where you see the miner arguing with the guard, the guard can kill himself. How? Well, normally you'd stay and listen to the conversation, right? Nope. Walk right by them, before they talk if you can. One of the guards at the other end will fire at you. Run behind the miner who argues with the guard. He will get killed. The guard now talks to himself, fights with himself, and then knocks himself out, something the game was supposed to do had you not interrupted. Disappearing Camera ------------------- When in the administration complex searching for Gryphon, you walk up a set of stairs, where a camera is. This is also a loading area. When the load is complete, the camera behind you is gone. Vehicle Clipping ---------------- Once a vehicle is unusable, you can walk through it. Equivilant to the /noclip cheat code of PC games that allows you to fly and walk through walls. Nowhere Area ------------ In the area with the trams, when you have to fight the guards on the tram riding next to you, jump off and wait. The tram will eventually leave without you. When it does, follow it, and you'll come to a door. Wander around and the game will eventually load the next section. When the load is finished, you are in the middle of nowhere, with outlined walls. You can't move, but you can fire your weapons without losing ammunition, and the vibration remains after you stop firing. =========================================================================== END</p>