Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp upgrades list - how to improve your camp and get the best resources


As with everything in life, if the morale of the people around you is good, you feel better yourself, right? The same applies to your gang of outlaws in Red Dead Redemption 2, who are essentially your very large family.

You can funnel money into the camp to help improve the life of everyone around you. Of course, you can also spend money to upgrade your makeshift mobile home too, such as new crafting options, more healing items available in Strauss' wagon, more horse hitching posts, etc. There's a lot you can do to improve the Van Der Linde gang's outpost.

To unlock these upgrades, you just have to donate enough cash via the camp ledger. It's that simple. There are also a number of cosmetic upgrades available via Pearson if you harvest the right components from animals. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting tips could come in handy there.

Here is the complete list of Red Dead Redemption 2 camp upgrades including how to unlock them, and the reward you earn once obtained.

Medicine Wagon upgrades (via Ledger)

  • Sharpen The Senses ($30)
    Snake oil and potent bitters added to Strauss' Wagon

  • Something With Kick ($50)
    Tonics and premium liquor added to Strauss' Wagon

  • The Good Stuff ($75)
    More effective tonics and healing items added to Strauss' Wagon

Provisions Wagon upgrades (via Ledger)

  • Less Bland ($30)
    Fresh fruit and basic canned goods added to Pearson's Wagon

  • Some Real Variety ($45)
    Chewing tobacco and premium canned goods added to Pearson's Wagon

  • Treat Ourselves! ($55)
    Cocaine chewing gum and assorted sweets added to Pearson's Wagon

Ammunition and Arms Wagon upgrades (via Ledger)

  • Improve Our Offense ($60)
    Repeater ammo and arrows added to Arthur’s Wagon

  • Some Real Firepower ($90)
    Throwing knives, shotgun ammo, and rifle ammo added to Arthur’s Wagon

  • Let’s Have Some Fun ($110)
    Fire bottles and high velocity repeater ammo added to Arthur’s Wagon

Lodging Camp upgrades (via Ledger)

  • First Things First ($220)
    Upgrades Dutch’s lodging. Encourages others to donate to the tithing box

  • Next In Line ($325)
    Upgrades Arthur’s lodging. Unlocks grooming supplies and a map for fast travel

  • For Everyone! ($300)
    Upgrades everybody else’s lodging. Improves camp morale

General Camp upgrades (via Ledger)

  • Horse Station ($300)
    Adds extra hitching posts, and the ability to retrieve horses from the stables, or recall your main horse to camp

  • Chicken Coop ($175)
    Adds a chicken coop, and improves the healing and dead eye boost from consuming camp stew

  • Leather Working Tools ($225)
    Unlocks more crafting options via Pearson

  • Camp Boat (Reach Chapter 3, $450)
    Adds a boat to camp for transport and fishing

Cosmetic camp upgrades (via Pearson)

  • Alligator Skull (Perfect Alligator Skin)
    Alligator skull decoration for Arthur’s lodging

  • Big Horn Ram Skull (Perfect Ram Carcass)
    Big Horn Ram skull decoration for Arthur’s lodging

  • Cougar Pelt Covered Chest (Purchase Leather Working Tools, two Perfect Cougar Pelts)
    Cougar pelt chest cover for Arthur’s lodging

  • Boar Skin Table Cover (Purchase Leather Working Tools, Perfect Boar Pelt)
    Boar skin table cover for Arthur’s lodging

  • Ox Hide Rug (Two Perfect Ox Hides)
    Ox hide rug for Arthur’s lodging

  • Boar Skin Rug (Four Perfect Boar Pelts)
    Boar skin rug for John’s lodging

  • Pronghorn Leather Table Tops (Purchase Leather Working Tools, two Perfect Pronghorn Hides)
    Pronghorn leather table tops for camp tables

  • Pronghorn Skull (Perfect Pronghorn Carcass)
    Pronghorn skull for the chuckwagon

  • Moose Antlers (Moose Antler)
    Moose antlers for main campfire

  • Wolf Skull (Perfect Wolf Carcass)
    Wolf skull for main campfire

  • Snake Skin Banjo Head (Purchase Leather Working Tools, two Perfect Snake Skins)
    Snake skin banjo head for banjo at main campfire

  • Campfire Seat Cover (Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt)
    Seat cover for main campfire

  • Campfire Log Seat Cover (Two Perfect Wolf Pelts)
    Cover for log seat at main campfire

  • Lean-to Cow Hide Ground Cover (Perfect Cow Hide)
    Cow hide ground cover for main campfire

  • Scout Fire Ground Cover (Two Perfect Goat Hides)
    Ground cover for scout campfire

  • Elk Antlers (Elk Antler)
    Elk antlers for scout campfire

  • Hanging Bones (Buck Antlers)
    Hanging bones for scout campfire

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