Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits trailer showcases the first three Specialist Roles

Red Dead Online's next big update will add three new Specialist Roles and introduce the Red Dead version of a battle pass, the Outlaw Pass. Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits drops September 10 and will ask you to take the role of a Bounty Hunter, Trader, or Collector. The Outlaw Pass will run through November 18 and offer a host of exclusive rewards as you accumulate XP.

"Do the law’s dirty work and bring some of the most dangerous criminals to justice as a Bounty Hunter, partner with Cripps and turn your camp into a burgeoning business as a Trader, and search for valuable treasures across the five states as a Collector."

Completing various tasks in each role will rank you up and make life in the Wild Wild West easier to survive and enjoy. Useful skills like improved Eagle Eye and crowd-pleasing gun-spinning tricks can be unlocked as you master your chosen trade, as well as a bunch of other benefits and items.

The Outlaw Pass will cost 35 Gold Bars, for which buyers gain access to exclusive clothing, weapon skins, campsite decorations, bonus cash, special vouchers, and more. While the battle pass ends November 18, everything you earned before then you get to keep forever. Even if you don't splurge on the Outlaw Pass, you'll automatically be enrolled in the free version, Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club, which runs the same time period and includes fewer rewards.

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