Red band Legion trailer online

The first trailer for Paul Bettany action thriller Legion has gone online and you can see it below.

Be warned - it's the "red band" R-rated trailer, which means it's loaded with swear words, violence and Paul Bettany as the angel Michael laying the smack down on his enemies.

At Comic-Con, director Scott Stewart promised that we'd see a trailer soon and here it is.

And it's... nuts. How crazy? Try Dennis Quaid taking a shotgun to a possessed old woman who has bitten Jon Tenney's neck and then crawled up the wall and on to the ceiling like the baby out of Trainspotting.

Oh, and don't forget Doug Jones as the creepy Ice Cream Man, who has more than handing out frosty treats to kiddies on his mind.

We're a little worried that the central plot - about Bettany's formerly winged warrior coming to Earth to protect mankind's unborn saviour when God decides we're too lost to live - seems a little hackneyed, but this promo does at least make it look like there's fun to be had.

Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think...

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