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Readers' Questions - The Rock

He whupped pre-Pyramidal ass in The Scorpion King; he buddied up with Seann William Scott in Welcome To The Jungle and he shot up a shedload of zombies in Doom. Southland Tales may be in re-editing limbo but fear not, The Rock has another new film up his sleeve - Gridiron Gang - released in UK cinemas on 5 January 2007. The tall one has agreed to take your questions.

Here's one to start you off:

  1. Flex Kavanah - please tell us that wasn't your original wrestling name...

Can you do any better?

Write your pithy, pertinent, sharp and funny questions in the box below. Include your name and place of living, so Dwayne can chummily refer to you as if you're his friend.

All missives by Sunday 29 October please.


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