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Reactions to Nintendo Switch's terrible voice chat solution are predictably salty

There's been no real need for Nintendo Switch to have voice chat until now and the release of Splatoon 2. Aaand, the solution is currently not very good - involving an app, a splitter, wires and patience. 

It works, it's just cumbersome, fiddly and way more complicated than talking to someone on a console has any right to be. 

Look at this, the full setup required for both voice chatting and listening to the game via a single headset:

I haven't tried the system yet so I'm just going on what I've been told talking to people who have, and the overall reactions. People are basically furious and I'm having to avoid some pretty swear-heavy reactions. These are just the nicest things people are saying...

People are pointing out Ninty HAS got it right in the past 

As has... just about everything else

The sheer excess of wires is getting all the jokes

The basic functionality of the app isn't going down too well either

It's a small but very pointy thorn in the side of an otherwise great piece of kit and, so far, only if you're playing one thing - check out our Splatoon 2 review to find about more about the game in general. And, if you're looking for some Switch Accessories, we've got you covered.