Ratchet & Clank PS3 in full production

With its PS3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man finished and being boxed up for PS3 launch in Japan and the US, developer Insomniac has confirmed that it's started work on the next Ratchet & Clank game.

The news dropped into inboxes this very morning across the globe via an email sent to fans of the long serving and rather wonderful PS2 platform series.

"Those of you who are waiting for some Ratchet & Clank news, here's a quick update. We are in full production on our R&C PlayStation 3 game. That's all we can share at this time, but you'll be hearing and seeing more from us in the not-so-distant future," it read.

And that was that: short, sweet and rather exciting. But be sure that when the chaps at Insomniac do break cover again - "in the not-so-distant future" - we'll be there to bring every single word to you.

November 2, 2006