Ratchet and Clank get dissected for children's charity

Developer Insomniac Games recently commissioned Manhattan artist Jason Freeny to create a unique set of Ratchet and Clank scultures for an online auction in support of theStarlight Children's Foundation.

The eBay bidding warshave already begunfor Freeny's stylized set which features a 12” Quark sculpture tattooed with Insomniac autographs, a 10” Ratchet with exposed Lombaxian innards, and a 6” Clank sculpture with exposed circuitry and, uh...brain? "Let's call it artistic interpretation,” explains an Insomniac rep,continuing, “Clank is certainly a mechanical character in the series."

At time of publishing, the top bid for Freeny's artistic set was at $665.00, with 6 bidders jockeying for top spot. Insomniac plans to split the proceeds of its auction with the Starlight Children's Foundation in increments of 10% for every $1000 dollar level.

Freeny is a former toy designer and experienced illustrator who's unique cross-section interpretations of pop culture characters has won him contracts with the likes of LEGO, Wired, MTV and Sony. His complete works can be found athis website,and 'making of' photos of his latest Ratchet and Clank creations can beviewed onFreeny's Facebook page.

Bidding for the vinyl trio ends November 29th, leaving you ample time to convince your significant other that the children of America are depending on you to drop a month's paycheque on these wicked-cool collectibles.

Nov 24, 2010

[Source:Moist Production]

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