Rare details Everwild lore and creatures in new dev commentary

A new video from Rare breaks down Everwild's most recent trailer and dives into some of the lore behind the game's world, creatures, and player characters.

The Everwild Eternals trailer premiered in late July and gave us a better look at the highly-intriguing new IP from Rare coming to PC and Xbox Series X at an undisclosed date. In the trailer's new director commentary, Everwild executive producer Louise O’Connor and art director Ryan Stevenson talk about what was shown and confirm a number of details about the story.

Everwild's player characters are called Eternals, and they have a symbiotic relationship and connection to some of the creatures that inhabit the world. Rare details some of the ways the player and various animals comfort, provide, and care for each other in Everwild. For instance, there's a moment from the trailer where a bat-like creature swoops down and accepts an offering of food from one of the Eternals, who also benefit from the creature's hunting abilities. Another scene shows an Eternal comforting a large companion creature as it nervously ascends a treacherous cliffside. Finally, we see a group of Eternals carry an injured deer to a ritual site to heal it back to health. 

Some of the creatures have similar relationships with each other, like this one alien-like fish that hosts a group of smaller fish inside its mouth - Rare isn't ready to explain what exactly is going on there, but says "it isn't quite what you expect."

(Image credit: Rare)

Rare is still talking in fairly vague terms about Everwild in general. Aside from some brief gameplay snippets and cinematics, we have little more than today's dev commentary to understand how the game functions. That said, we do know it's a brand-new IP not connected to any of the studio's earlier work and that it's being built from the ground-up for a next-gen release on Xbox Series X and PC.

Everwild is just one of the upcoming Xbox Series X games we can't wait to play.

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