Raimi produces alien horror

Sam Raimi has, until now, ploughed a supernatural furrow with his Ghost House Pictures production company.

But now the mid-budget horror specialists are capitalising on the break with tradition that was 30 Days Of Night with a different type of thriller, one entirely unrelated to Japanese remakes and spiritual danger.

Horror website Shock ‘Till You Drop reports that the Ghost House crew are busy developing a scary tale set in the world of pesky extraterrestrial troublemakers. The pitch? “An isolated town endures an alien invasion that causes victims to spontaneously combust during a severe snowstorm,” according to the site.

While there’s no director attached yet, we wonder whether this might also represent a lurch into gross-out humour blended with the darkness – though let’s face it, Ghost House’s films to date tend to be funny for the wrong reasons… Boogeyman, anyone?