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RAGE cards, recipes, schematics and Authority Drones guide

Mutant Bash TV

Scooper Mutant Card: When you finish the final round of the Mutant Bash, you can grab this Card just before the exit to talk to JK again.

JK Stiles Card: This card is given to you while speaking to JK once you complete the Mutant Bash TV experience.

Shrouded Bunker

RC Car Bomb Card: Once inside the Shrouded Base for the car bomb cache mission, look just to the left of where you need to drive the first RC car through and you will find the card on the ledge beside the railing.

Shrouded AR Card: When in the Shrouded Bunker, and after destroying the first cache, enter the large room to the left after making your way down the hallway and you’ll find the Card on a shelf on the far side of the room towards the back right corner, beside the red elevator switch.

Shrouded Heavy Card: This can be found in a pipe directly across to the right from the locked door that needs the keycard to open.

The Well

Mine Card: When in the well in Wellspring, go past the room with the stack of bodies, across the catwalks and eventually you will go down some stairs to a long room. Kill the ghosts in here and half way through the room will be a ladder on the left side. Climb to find the card on the right side on a shelf.

Valder Card: When in the well, you will eventually run into Valder who will tell you to follow him. Do so and when his buddies are opening the gate, continue past them to find a desk with the card on it.

Dead City Streets

NOTE: This first card can be missed and must be done during the Defribillator Upgrade Mission and only after you have already done the Bomb Cache Mission in the Shrouded Bunker for Sheriff Black

Large Mutant Card: When you first enter the dead city streets, you will eventually come to an apartment where you are held until you kill a number of mutants. Once past there, exit and you will go down some stairs with scooper mutants and a large pipe opening at the bottom. Send an RC car through the pipe and explode the canisters to open the door. Once done, head up the stairs on the left and go down the stairs inside the building and through the flaming door to find the card in the corner on a tool box.

Kraken Card: This card can be found in the room of blood and gore to the right after facing the tentacle armed mutant.

Dead City Central

Slime Mutant Card: This card is found as soon as you go through the double doors after facing the slime mutant in the Dead City Streets. Once through the doors, go to the left and find it on a table next to a bright white lamp.

NOTE: You can only get the Drone card on the second time through Dead City Central, during the Lost Research Data Mission.

Drone Card: When you enter the wide open area with escalators, soldiers, and drones, go behind the escalator on the second floor to find this card sitting on a table there.

Authority Prison

NOTE: You will need to get these cards on the first visit since you won’t be able to return to the Prison after the mission is over.

Power Supply Card: When you first enter the Authority Prison, use EMP grenade on the beam gate and immediately grab the card on the right, on the other side.

Giant Mutant Card: In the Authority Prison, after defeating the first set of jetpack troops, go through the light barrier and through the door on the left. Move forward and there will be a hole in the wall to crawl through on the left side. Grab the card and some more goodies in there.

EMP Grenade Card: When in the Authority Prison, you will head up three sets of stairs. When you reach the top of them, hang a right and find the card in the alcove there.

Drop Ship Card: When you open the prison cell doors and release the mutants, go to the lower level and across from Marshall will be a large case with a blue light on it. Fidget around near the blue light and the prompt for the card will appear.

Marshall Card: After rescuing Marshal and fighting off the few guards that appear, follow him down the stairs but make a left before going outside. Use a lock grinder on the door there and snag the card inside.

Shield Guard Card: When in the outside area of the Authority Prison and Marshall tells you to meet him back at the bar, go through the door that opens and up on the right side hallway will be this card.