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RAGE cards, recipes, schematics and Authority Drones guide

Subway Town

Authority Mutant Card: At the very beginning of Subway Town, make a left to the small office and to the right of the disgusting corpse of the Authority Mutant will be the card sitting on a tray.

Blue Line Station

Dyno-Mutant Card: Near the start of the blue subway mission “Mutant Expansion,” you will go through a rundown train station. Before you fight anyone, you will head left up a large staircase. Make a right at the top of the stairs to find a gate that is lowered over the doorway to the Guacamolito. Hit the fuse box to the right of the gate of it with a pulse bolt or electrobolt and the gate will open allowing you to grab the card.

Gearhead Vault

Advanced sentry Card: When you first enter the Gearhead Vault, make your way through the first floor garage and then head up the ramp to the second. Just after you get on the second floor, make a left turn and then check the car on the right to find the card in it.

Gearhead Shotgun Card: When you have turned the valve to turn off the flames allowing you to enter the bank, make your way to the right just after you go through the doorway and the card will be sitting on a ledge the far end.

Gearhead Jet Card: Once you enter and exit the vault, you will have to face a few enemies that come charging in. Once the large chaingunners appear in the next room, they will break a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and look to the left to find the card sitting on a chair on the other side on a small ledge.

Jackal Canyon

Jackal Crossbow Card: As soon as you enter the door to Jackal Canyon, look to the left side as you walk up the path. You will see some beer bottles and the card will be there with them.

Jackal Club Card: When you enter Jackal Canyon, continue forward and go right when you reach the end of the path. Continue through the opening and across the bridge to find the card on the left at the end.

Power Plant

Gearhead Boss Card: After you kill the Gearhead boss (the tough sumbitch in the red armor), continue to the 3 switches and wait for reinforcements. When the door behind you opens, go through and make a left at the open door before the exit. Head up the stairs and the card will be on the right side.

Eastern Wasteland

Portman Card: When travelling through the distillery caves just outside subway town, look on the right side about halfway through the cave and there will be a barrel with the card on top of it.

Monarch Card: You can easily find this card a few steps to the right in front of the door to enter the Power Plant.

Elite Guard Card: When you are tasked by Portman to blow up the generators on the Authority Bridge, take the lift up and make a left. Behind the generator you need to place the explosive on will be the last card.