Rabbids Coding teaches a useful skill in the digital age, and it's completely free

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

One of the most important languages to learn right now is coding, particularly for any of you that are looking to get involved in the increasingly expanding digital space. There's no need to be scared off by the prospect of it anymore either, especially with tools like Rabbids Coding – an educational game that seeks to help train basic coding techniques. Oh, yeah, and it's completely free and will be available through uPlay from October 8. 

Rabbids Coding tasks you with sorting out a spaceship riddled with Rabbids, and the only way you can do that is by giving instructions to Rabbids using a mind-control device or distracting them with sausages. I'm not sure how the sausages play into the coding lesson, but apparently the lessons are rudimentary and don't require any prior coding knowledge or experience.

The goal in Rabbids Coding is to complete various tasks using the most simple instructions possible, and you can learn from your mistakes by identifying the erroneous message in your instructions and trying again. The language in the official description is a tad vague, but it looks like it's a drag-and-drop experience more intended to teach the fundamental concepts of coding rather than anything that teaches you any specific language.

Ubisoft hopes Rabbids Coding will be incorporated into curriculums around the world, apparently in an effort to help young people emerge in the field and invest in the future of the digital age. Lofty ambitions if you ask me, but good on them for it.

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