Quake Wars: New location revealed

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is back in the spotlight with this double-barrelled image update, revealing a never-before-seen conflict hotzone - a heavily industrial-flavored tight location, with plenty of ambush and bottlenecking potential. Hit the Images tab to see more.

For those who don't know, developer Splash Damage has melded Quake's alien-invasion storyline with the class-based, team-play multiplayer action of games like Battlefield 2142. The save-the-world atmosphere, though, means this bout of blastery is thrillingly tense, with each team struggling to achieve a set of objectives - and with each objective creating hotspots of action.

Our anticipation meters are topping out with these new screens but publisher Activision is prolonging the wait, with Quake Wars still without a firm release date. But, on the strength of what we've already seen, chances are we'll be repulsing the Strogg invaders - or spearheading the destruction of Earth - before the summer gets going.

January 16, 2007